Shadow Jago is a P2W Character?

Shadow Jago is too OP! all of his moves besides his ultimate move have a shorter recovery time (lesser frames to execute) than the rest of the cast. This may be the only character that you can spam teleportation kicks and win matches. And then his ultimate…don’t really have to do much to take 60% off the opponent’s HP.

What is the rest of the community think?

I actually think Shago is one of the top 5 worst characters in the cast. Everything requires meter to be safe, otherwise just watch his cross dive-kick, slide and dash grab.

His Raging Demon takes a lot sure, but it is reactable and usually it is used as a last resort on a punish as most good Shago players use instinct because of the meter advantage.

Otherwise, unsafe moveset, horribly low-damaging and preditible setups make him relatively easy to face.

Granted, at first he will seem like the hardest character, especially at a low to casual level. But, once you get the hang of him and pracitce the tendency of players, he will just be another spammy character.


One of the 5 worst characters in the game.

Play. Learn. Adapt. Play him yourself and see where he struggles.


This. I notice that most of the time when someone complains that a character is OP, they never actually try to play that character to see what the weaknesses are.

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But he’s very fast…

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Yeah he sure is, but he hits like a nerf dart.

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He defeated my Arbiter in ranked matches two days ago. He’s super fast than my reaction…

He is what a lot of people here on the forums call a scrub killer, because his moveset is made in such a way that it exploits a lot of bad habits newer players tend to make, such as not blocking low (I did this until I was about halfway up the Silver ladder).
Aside from that he doesn’t do much damage when compared to others in the cast and the majority of his moves can be punished easily if you block them and immediately attack afterwards.
As for his annhiliation, it’s fairly easy to avoid. When you see the animation start, hold up. If you’re not in the middle of another move your character will jump and annhiliation won’t hit you.

Anyway, if you’re struggling there are several Shago experts here that can help you out, just be willing to listen and they’ll be sure to guide you in mastering fighting against him.


Isn’t that to bad matchup for Aribter though?

… Why I didn’t thought about that…

You are definitely right. And to be frank, this discussion doesn’t need to begin anew once every six months. If anyone wants to know the history of shago and how he has (d)evolved over time, the individual(s) should refer to the already established discussions and patch notes (2-3 years worth), not start a new thread stating the exact same thing.

I just don’t like the fact that his dive kick can cross up from the same side (like a jumping cross up. That and his divekick has virtually no recovery.

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Just a couple of facts regarding Shadow Jago.

  • Annihilation has a startup of 1,5. This means that even if you were trying to block before the freeze, you can still jump out of it by hitting Up during the freeze.

  • He is very unsafe across a large portion of moves. Proof: ( ) Just be patient and punish his moves.

  • He takes a lot of meter to do what he wants to do, all the time. If he doesn’t have meter, abuse him.

Dang, you beat me to it!

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Hahaha , where are the Meme monsters ?

Actually it has been scientifically proven that Shadow Jago’s punches and kicks are actually therapeutic. They provide this light tickling sensation throughout your body.

You do realize that standing still and NOT blocking won’t win you very many matches.

Okay okay… serious tone now.

Shadow Jago’s weakness is that he needs meter to make anything safe. If you keep on the move and dodge his fire balls, the battle becomes much harder on him. If you block anything, he’s negative and can be countered.

Learn the match up. You’ll find that he’s not nearly as powerful as you think he is.

If you go dumb against Shago trying to match his offensive pace, you’ll likely lose. Wait for him to inevitably do something unsafe and punish accordingly. LCD considers him the worst character in the game. I disagree, but this is what he had to say:
I actually feel sorry for Shadow Jago because I feel he is probably the weakest character in the game. He started out very strong but received nerf after nerf which I believe went a little to far. Shadow Jago is already a risky character due to his being unsafe on a lot of his arsenal but on top of that does some of the worst damage in the game. Where is the balance there? The design goal here is that he can open you up easily but as a result can’t cash out well; but is that still the case?
I feel Shadow Jago is working just a tad too hard for very little result right now and could benefit from receiving a slight damage buff or restoring some of his original frame data. He needs more than just dash up grab, dash up dp.

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Uh…no. He is one of the worst at whiff recovery.

You just need to learn how to block his shennanigens. I understand the frustration as there are great Shagos that can make there way around the screeen while your head is spinning…but if you learn to block their moves…you can easily punish.

Always jump after the screen freeze while he is in instinct. Just condition him to throw fireballs and then shadow through it.
Down HP aniti air works well too.

Uh, NO. Punishing him on whiffed slides and divekicks is very hard.

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He’s actually pretty annoying. I play vs a very good Shago and he has beaten very good players due to many unreactable things (that’s where Shago’s mix ups come). Pretty fast character, not bad normals, unsafe moves without shadow, ambiguos teleport (the most annoying is teleport grab/dp). Remember that Double slide (the surge one) can be stopped with a low normal (at least I use low mk).
Ppl say “study the match up” I’m guessing they are saying learn to block him most than anything. But even so the character will be still annoying, and players don’t use characters the same way either. And this character is all about reacting and anticipating, which isn’t easy. His damage isn’t huge, that’s good.

Ps: many set ups come from his grab (juggles and recapture if he has Shadow, learn to break that shadow).
If he is throwing normals in no time he may use overhead.
The teleport kick that usually cross you up it’s heavy kick and he must be kind of close to get it, so be ready for that and try to block that cross up, then punish. I know it’s easier to say than do it.