Shadow Jago . earlier way to have it . please 😁 IG Poll

WELL i was thinking about yesterday cause much peoples didnt know about the community funds. when it happenend and all. so we dont want to wait till 18 december :sleepy: thats just too far to enjoy fully the game . gives us the possibility to purchase him earlier, with the same price than the community fund was asked for. in store please . thats a way to make money too think about it IG :kissing_heart:

  • please IG YES
  • NOPE

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why didnt u buy it when the community bought it , if ur gonna support us, u gotta support us all the way

now that shago looks very good, u now want him right?

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I honestly feel patience is a real virtue here. I know waiting will be a real-pain but trust me dude when he comes out you’ll have a chance to have a great character in hand.

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Absolutely NOT! That is a slap in the face to those that spent there hard earned money not only on the Fund raiser but the Day one skin 2 years ago as well.

We paid for this, not you…quite frankly Im a bit upset that he will be available to purchase so soon on Dec 18th!

I personally think he shouldn’t be available until S3 for those that didn’t pitch in. the minimum reward purchase was like 15$? or less?

Sorry but one thing I cant stand is people who cant wait and try to “break in line” so to speak.

FYI - there is a way…buy the Day one Xbox lilve card with Shago code and you will have him…you can find it a toys r us online or target…or ebay…good luck


:sweat_smile: hoo man there was tons of things i could support and gives everything like (the orchid KI2 suit :kissing_heart:) but shadow jago was nope my kind of character cause thats the same gameplay as jago and i dont like the jago gameplay . but the new shago is well different and i find them verry interesting to control.
anyway thats a way to make money too for IG .
and u are totally right with ur asking . my answer is i dont eat thing with closed eyes :expressionless: i have to see then pay to get it :sunglasses:

and yeahshhhh i want him bad i can also wait till the 18 december but ill be in vacation .
thats just a deal or no deal for IG if they want to have more money before the 18 december.
did i answer ur demanding???:smirk:

its never too late bro . and also thats a way to make money for IG too

:joy: :joy: :joy: :smirk: :rage: :joy_cat:

nothing else to add…

When he’s released and availbale for purhcase you’ll have a whole month to buy him.I suggest you get some MS cards right now while you can and when it’s ready you can get it. With all that time available IG can make plenty of money off it.

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good suggestion i take note :smirk:

LOL 71% say no. I guess that’s kinda saying we paid to have him early…

Ouch. Well, at least you guys get him. :neutral_face:

I’d give you my Shago if I could, friend :frowning:

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If you meant me, then I have SHAGO already. If you mean OP, then I would give him one too.


Should of got him day one… or contribute to the shadow jago fund… then you would have him tomorrow…

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You got time my freind, so save up for the day he’s available for purchase!

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Remember when he does come out on Dec 18 it’s only a LIMITED time; we don’t kno if he will still be buyable after Jan 15 but if u really want him u should get him immediately. Take note on that.

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:stuck_out_tongue::raising_hand: please

I know but here in Belgium I’m goin to be in vacation and nope at home at all. But anyway it’s nope tha bad . I’ve just tried to make it happen for most of us who didn’t know about that funds community. .
Also I think they could make a big and final community funds at once, maybe we couls have all that killer instinct is lacking that’s so simple .so they shut the fu k off and work cause we pay for it . First change that " T’’ for more audience.

U know friend​:hushed: I’ve seen the tenders moment from MKX and the KI tenders moment , Im so confuse how can it be only 2500 people’s watching for Killer instinct and 65000 people’s watching for MKX . That’s even 5 % of the mortal Kombat public and I don’t think it’s because that "T ":disappointed_relieved:
I think it’s just people found back what they always knew from this game ,with some improvements and that pay . When I can I’m gonna let u see it in picture what I’m sayin.

In commercial you have to sit up in the right way to attract most people if u want to be the best of the best .if u sell a product who don’t give the awaited effects u have to change and adapt to the market to sell better😩 but it’s like IG don’t understand it or they don’t even give a **** they are just looking at little audience or public.

Or maybe are they fully satisfied with so less members. Sample example go to twitch at any time and see how much viewer’s for MKX and for KI that’s even comparative. :pensive::pensive::pensive:Uploading… Uploading…