Shadow Jago divekick is not safe anymore unfair

Shadow Jago surge divekick is not safe anymore and I think that is unfair. Dark demise is a move that leaves him totally open for an attack. But surge dark demise uses meter and I think that move should be safe.

Besides you are using meter to do that move and I think it’s unfair. And I think some people need to stop complaining about the character because he is the Akuma of Killer Instinct.

I can understand your sentiment, but it was a bit of an unfair tactic at times being as positive on block as it was. It basically allowed you to perform this near unstoppable offensive pressure with little fear of counterattack, and if it failed, you could use a light jab or light kick to cancel into another one but position it behind the opponent for a second chance crossup attack for combo opening. It’s pressure was a little too powerful.

As it is right now though, it still serves a purpose and does a good job of it. While -6 on block isn’t the greatest, if your opponent is conditioned to block all the time and is too afraid to do anything for a punish, even mashing jab, it’s doing the job. It starts up and connects much more quickly than regular divekick, and is by comparison much safer on block than the non-surge version.

You just have to be more thoughtful in how you use it in your offense. It was fun to loop it frequently in season 2 and give the opponent reason to pause and fear you, but that kind of pressure is a little OP, even at the cost of resources like Shadow Meter.

While I feel the sting of this particular nerf, I’m not worried about it or think it’s unfair. It will force Shadow Jago players to be a little more conservative in their combos. He’s still very much an Akuma like threat, but it’s not just because of his divekick pressure.


To bad… no more spamming safe special attacks with a smoked character ^^

So unfair.