Shadow Jago commentary run, with a surprising end result

Here’s a Season 1 Story Mode run with commentary from me, with the commentary itself not being that great in my opinion. Even so, the end result is pretty surprising. Thought that possibly some forum members might be interested in this.

Here’s the commentary run

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Both lame and cool at the same time. You had an easier time with Fulgore fighting Shadow Jago than I did with Jago.

Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. Was it only lame because I had an easier time of it than you did? :smiley:

Want to see how I did with Jago?

Here’s the full set of fights. Keep in mind this was the first time I’d ever fought Boss Shago

Haha, what works works!

Mostly abusing the AI by mashing light into light cyberdash. Clever though!

Yeh. I know what you mean. I remember when i discovered that strategy of sorts, I was like “surely this won’t work again” and it turned out it did. I’m not going to complain though, given that AI can do things that literally no human can do (i.e. using an ultimate on his second bar, having far more shadow than any actual character, etc).

What surprised me was the time it took for me to beat him - one fo the quickest runs I know of at the moment (not that quicker runs haven’t been attempted/completed)

That’s the AI for you. It is just funny because something that is easy to shadow counter leaves the AI at a loss, but because of its ability to react within 1 frame of your input good luck trying to get in a throw or command grab.

Yeh. But then again, if the AI’s cheap (which it is, let’s be serious), then why shouldn’t you be cheap back - it doesn’t care :smiley:

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