Shadow jago boss fight cutscene

Does the shadow jago season one story boss cutscene show up in your collection of character endings?

Are there cutscenes associated with boss Shago? I don’t remember any…

I heard you got a teaser for season 2.

Yes you do.

Is that teaser saved in your collection with all the other cutscenes? I never did the boss fight but I want try have everything. I’m a conpletionist so if the cutscene shows up on your collection I want to try and get it

Yeah you get to keep it .

So to get to that boss it’s season one story mode no round losses and ultra everyone?

Must be on hard or higher, ultra as many as you can but you must ultra your rival i.e. The last person before fulgore. I’m not sure on round losses since I’ve fought him before after 2 losses from sadira. Try to get as many supreme victories as possible and you must have all 3 endings for your character unlocked. That should be it.

So my jago has all three endings, as long as I play on hard and ultra my rival I should be good regardless of losses? Now should I ONLY ultra my rival or does as many as possible help?

As many as you can, I honestly think it’s a matter of how many points you can achieve but I also love to ultra the AI so there’s that.

Speaking of jago I used him yesterday to fight boss shago and I didn’t lose once. when I look back at how many times he used to kick my ■■■ when I was a noob vs now makes glad to see the progress.

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Ya I remember trying hard months and months ago and got destroyed by my rival Orchid everytime and I’m excited to see how much progress I’ve made.

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Good tip for when you do fight shago is to block low for the most part and punish with uppercuts, don’t try to combo since the AI will break the second after the opener.

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I’ll just put the reqiuments here for any one else that wants to try.
Note that this can only be done with the Season 1 cast.
Difficulty: Med or higher
You must earn 2 Supreme victories (Don’t lose a life bar)
You must Ultra your rival (the match before Fulgore) and 1 character before the rival.
If done correctly you will skip fulgore and commence the battle with Boss Shadow Jago, he is a Kyle difficulty A.I.

Did hard change? I destroyed everyone like crazy!!! Wow I’ve come a long way!!!

So shadow jago… Yeah… Going be here awhile

Idk if the game felt bad or me or I went rage mode but fight 11 he literally hit me once I DESTROYED HIM!!!

Well to be fair in fighters the AI just let’s us win.

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Lucky you! It took me 20+ tries for Shago to take it easy on me.

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Ehm… I did it with Sadira (wich is not my main… but right now I still don’t have a main… lol).
I do not remember how many tries it took but not a lot, even if it was more difficult than the classic fulgore boss on hard.
I feel harder to fight other characters on Kyle… thats why I don’t think that “boss Shago” difficulty is setted on Kyle.
And yes, uppercuts, shadow counters and low blocks should help.
Good luck!

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