Shadow grab moves, can't seem to land any!

So for some reason recently, I’m unable to land any shadow move that involves a grab with any character, it simple just does the grab animation and then i stand there open for attacks, has any one else noticed this behavior? because its 100% of the time that I will not do them, it doesnt seem to matter how close I am to the opponent they just don’t land.

I haven’t been playing any of the grapplers since Eyedol dropped, so I have not experienced such a thing. Two questions though:

  1. Are you cancelling into them from buttons? Grabs will always whiff if the opponent is in hit/blockstun.
  2. Are you certain you’re just not mis-spacing them? Happens to the best of us, I promise ya.

Nope not canceling any of them, and it’s stupid that this is 100% of the time, there’s no way in hell that i’m doing every single one at the exact same time to miss based on pure bad luck, even bad luck in fighting games is still about 40% of the time you’ll land something

Could you post a video? You haven’t really explained the situation. Its possible you’re attempting it while they’re in blockstun.

Wasn’t trying to tell ya to git gud or rustle your feathers, by the way. I just figured those are the two most common reasons grabs miss, so I figured I’d cover the bases, y’know?

Otherwise, that’s really weird. May I ask what game-mode you were playing? Could lag/rollback have been mucking it up? Did you take it to the lab or offline to double check it? If not, I’d recommend trying those as well. Having spent a large part of my life playing practically exclusively with grapplers, I am comfortable saying that grabs are damned finicky, and whiffing them consistently can be hella frustrating, so I totally feel where you’re coming from.

Still waiting for it to HD but see the second grab, clearly I miss the 1st ok, ok, but the second one hisako is just just standing there blocking as usual as the CPU always does.

It’s any game mode, see the video I posted in my other reply you’ll see what I mean. its not just Mira, if anything she should be landing them more than others since she moves in towards them, where as raam and gargos don’t have as much forward momentum to get into the opponent.

I’m not familiar with that particular setup, but it does look like you cancelled st.MK(?) into EX Grab, so she very well could’ve still been in blockstun. I know Mira can ghetto-tick throw with the forward-hopping meterless grab, but I think the EX version just goes active too fast, and so you’re trying to grab while they’re still in blockstun.

That’s what it looks like anyway. For that particular setup, I’d recommend waiting just a split second for your button to recover, then EX Grab with essentially ‘link timing’.

She was in blockstun from your LK. You can’t throw a player that’s in blockstun.


This happens to me a lot playing RAAM. It is a pain because I’m used to KOF grapplers where you hit/grapple in fraction of seconds, here i cannot do it and find myself grappling the air and getting screwed a lot :cry:

As said above you can’t grab when an opponent is in hit stun or block stun, you need to pause a slight second after hitting them before you can get the command grab.

What I like to do with Mirra ia use the heavy slide into light command grab as the slide leaves you +2 or use standing Mp into the heavy grab this works well too. You can also end the combo with the grab to get life back (which i’m sure you already know). Hope this helped.

The problem with the shadow is it comes after faster than the normal grabs so be wary of this, your often better off using the normal ones to avoid the hit/block stun problem with Mirra in the type of situations shown in the vid.

Yep, as others have said, your opponent can’t be in hit/block stun.

Turn on hitboxes for more info, but essentially a target cannot be grabbed by a command grab if they are:

  • In the air
  • In block stun
  • In hit stun
  • In the throw-invulnerable frames of a specific move

There are a few execeptions such as anti-air command grabs working against air-born opponents, Maya’s air command grab working against standing opponents and grabs/throws working against opponents in hit stun from a stagger or wall splat.

Have any of you guys noticed that mira can keep her open, manual, autos etc states? just did a match where i got 3 bars, then got hit, but then got an attack in and went to 4 bars straight in? (side note)

Are you talking about the ender level?

If so, that’s common amongst the entire cast, because the ender level is correlated to the amount of potential damage currently on the opponent during your ‘combo state’.

If you mean you got hit out of a combo, and picked it up where you left off (pretty much, with doubles/linkers), this is because your opponent was still in hitstun (and presumably a lot of it) when you recovered from whatever it was that interrupted your combo (Orchid grenade/firecat, Omen Rasha, Gargos minion, etc.) - so much so that the combo system was still open.

If neither of those things are what you are talking about, could you clarify?

If Mirra is in instinct and puts mist on the opponent then Mirra builds potential (white damage) very fast, even while not combo-ing them, so as soon as you open the next combo your ender level will already be built up for a big damage short combo.

yeah i got hit out of a combo and picked up where i left off, just not noticed it at all with anyone else?

It’s possible with everyone, it’s just a situational sort of thing.

In my experience, it’s nigh impossible to knock Hisako out of a combo with anything short of a combo breaker.