Shadow countering projectiles


Sudenly, everyone is shadow countering my Maya dagger at point-blank now.

Why this is allowed and there are more characters I can shadow counter the same way?

Can you give an example of the situation where you are being shadow countered the most?. Does this happen if you use your dagger often from jumps?. Or are you getting caught when going from daggers to dash forward to keep on with your pressure?

I haven’t seen sc daggers, but I’ve seen ppl sc Jago’s fireball in Instinct or Glacius shatter. I had tried sc Spinals fireballs but medium is plus , I tried to sc low, but with his mix ups is hard to do.
Other character fireballs aren’t great to sc. Some players won’t sc Fulgore’s fireball but after the knock down they’ll try to avoid the mix up by blocking the fireball and then shadow counter any normal he attemps (if he throw or neutral jump Sc fails).

Riptor running HP can be sc but it’s fast to react to.
I think against Omen you have to guess how many fireballs he will use.

I’m guessing most players rather save that shadow for Anti projectiles instead of SC. But maybe Maya is easier to Sc? I think is depends on how you are using your offense.

Shadow countering Maya’s daggers is an intelligent strategy, since it switches the offense to you, denies her one dagger, and doing so doesn’t give her a dagger pip.

It was always a good idea,and it’s not exclusive to her. Shadow countering Glacius, Fulgore, or Jago’s projectiles was always a thing to (to name just a few)


Projectiles have been Shadow Counterable for as long as I can remember. It’s just another hit in blockstun, so it makes sense you can counter it.

It’s especially useful if you can figure out how to SC rapid multihit/shadow projectiles like Inferno or Bloodseekers so you can get fun scenarios like this.

Are you getting shadow countered during the start up frames of a dagger throw? Cause that’s always been the case, it’s essentially the same as stuffing the start up of a fireball.
A lot of things are shadow counterable if you’re fast enough, even if it’s not the most practical situation to do a shadow counter in and results in a whiff/nothing happening.
If it’s her dagger slash target combo you’re pretty much asking to be shadow countered if the opponent has meter.

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It happens normally after a blocked cross-up. Very, very rarely my st.MK reach on time to prevent the shadow counter. I’ll try to record a video.

So, you can combo break the daggers AND shadow counter the daggers?

Yes and no.

Normally, projectiles used in a combo are not breakable, but it’s a different case with Maya. If you’ve started a conventional combo path (opener, jump-in, shadow, etc) and use a dagger in the combo sequence, it becomes a breakable manual hit. But if you start a combo with your daggers as the opener, they are unbreakable hits. Make sense?

Normally, shadow countering projectiles is tricky based of distance and move recovery. There is every likelihood that your shadow counter does not come out fast enough and they can block it and shadow counter you back. Much like @Dayv0 showed, it can be a powerful tool, but it’s on you to decide if it’s worth it.

The thing with Maya, as you probably know, is that you are rewarded for using your daggers on block in place of your normals. If a Maya feels like they can get away with a normal into dagger toss on block and get a pip, they’re going for it. But using the daggers as conventional zoning tools is not practical since Maya loses so much of her moveset and offense even with just one dagger missing. Maya has tons of both movement options, approaches and jump trajectory changing moves that make her difficult to predict a shadow counter on. Even for the scenario you pointed out where it seems to be happening a lot from your blocked cross-ups.