Shadow counter suggestion

Can the Shadow Counters be reworked to make them absorb opponent’s inputs during the freeze frame?

I was thinking about characters that currently have answers to Shadow Counter (e.g. Fulgore with Pips, Tusk in Instinct, Kim Wu etc.). I was thinking that the attacker should still be allowed to perform these moves, but must input them before the defender initiates the counter. This would be similar to an attacker performing a counter breaker; the attacker must initiate the counter before the opponents goes for the breaker. Where countering a shadow counter is a hard read, rather than a reaction.

I’m sure someone would come up with a way to mimic the existing behavior in the suggested system (via an option-select?), whilst killing the spirit the suggestion. The thought came to mind whilst watching the final match of this week’s KI Pro League.

I’d rather not touch it. There’s really no need. That and for the most part if you’ve already committed to an action before the freeze and it doesn’t beat out the shadow then you’ve lost anyway. It really only comes into play from a complete neutral position.

Obvious exceptions are ARIA, fulgore (although he gets screwed anyway since shadow>pip cancels regardless), tusk (again kinda in the same situation as fulgore since again shadow>dp unless it’s the heavy version which gets a deflect window), kim or hisako or gargos.

It would probably hurt hisako the most since then she would have to gamble on her wrath meter instead of reacting to s shadow counter. Which then hisako players might not even bother attempting to use her counter anymore against shadow counters.

But in the end, I’d rather they don’t touch it. It works, there’s ways around it. No need to fiddle with it.

Good point. That definitely would hurt Hisako. But as I was saying… It would be like a counter breaker. Considering how infrequently those are used…

But they aren’t counter breakers. So I don’t see the need for them to be like one.