Shadow Challenge

Just ah idea but what if you can send your shadow to challenge someone after a ranked match? For example,you lost and want to send your shadow in and if the other person accepts,they will fight your shadow. Also random shadow encounters so everyknow and then,a random shadow can challenge you.

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Eh no. Your suggestion sounds like unwarranted challenges.

Ohhhh like Assassin battle on MKX??? Your playing and all of a sudden you get a message that says SHADOW ASSASSIN…DO you accept the challenge?

That would be cool!

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But that’s only in towers. I don’t see how these can with in KI because ki doesn’t have a tower system.

When you are in the menu,a pop up just appears and you can accept or decline.

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Like I says before, doesn’t that seen intrusive? In MKX that world because it only happens in towers and are playing the game. What if you are in practice mode? Even for the menu, why would you do that?

Survival is a tower, Story mode is a tower. Your wrong. And it doesn’t have to be a tower…it could be anytime your logged into your game. It could also have an On/Off Shadow notification in the menu for people who don’t like it. hint

survival is sort of a tower maybe, it doesnt end but i se ur point. story mode is just arcade mode so yes thats a tower. No i’m not wrong, it’s highly intrusive if someone doesn’t want it. Although you just said that it could have an on/off shadow notification, which makes it better but that’s not my main question. what i’m asking is, WHY would you implement a mode like this inside the game?

(i’m about to brainstorm) is it to support a new feature in the game? is it just for fun? why should shadows interrupt “potential” gameplay so that u can fight them? i’m trying to think of it like a consumer and like a developer. It sounds like a cool idea, but i think it should only happen in a certain part of gameplay, like if ur playing arcade and after a random fight u get a message of a shadow challenger, then you face the shadow, then you get some type of reward, then you continue wit arcade mode. Do you see what i’m trying to understand?

For example,after you finish a ranked fight,it can say a challenge from ________ Shadow wants to fight you. You can get extra xp or something if you agree.


Just like in FORZA Horizion! That isnt intrusive and you can decline or accepts. You can be riding around having fun and it will notify you "One of the top drivers is in your area…do you want to race him? DO you accept the challenge? or Your RIVAL is in the area…accept?

Matter of fact, Forza Horizion is one of the game that KI got its Shadow code c\from…so its a great example and idea IMO

I don’t play Forza Horizon, I didn’t say the idea was bad, i’m just reading into what was said. It seems like you want it to happen at ANY TIME during gameplay.

I just thought it was a cool idea. I like surprises like that…keeps it interesting and fresh.

Have you ever went into shadows challenge and couldnt decide who you wanted to fight? there are so many people you dont know who to choose? Well this is a good way for it to choose for you and keep it fun.

I could see that.

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