Setting combo assist on by default

i think if combo assist was turned on by default, new players may be able to jump right in and enjoy themselves more than trying to learn the ’ pro’ style… a lot of newbies dont know about the assist feature, so when they play, they are playing with it off by default… had they started with the assist on, they will enjoy it more

Well Ive noticed a lot of players just dont read the instructions or menu PERIOD. Hell they cant even read and understand how the the search filter works while playing Exhibition, much less read the menu instructions in the dojo.
When you boot up the game for the first time it mentions CA somewhere in the main menu.

Even if you turn CA on by default they would understand whats going on unless they truly want to.

the problem with CA on by default is the 95% of players that do not use it may accidentally enter into a match with it on and cause a loss. And once that happens all hell on earth will be unleashed here on the forums and on all KI media outlets lol

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Combo assist is cool and all. Honestly should be locked in Ranked because it becomes extremely tiresome having to break the exact same string 1,000 times before I properly Ultimate someone. This is probably the best way to describe me after putting up with an entire evening of Combo Assist users on Ranked:

Like, make it stop


Quick question but how do you know if they are using combo assist or not?

Quick answer is there are no real tells to whether or not someone is using CA or not. I believe the assumption is if someone just keeps doing the same combo over & over then they’re using CA, but in truth it could just as easily be someone that really likes that one combo and it’s their go-to move.

Probably the only thing I could think of that might be a true tell would be if a low tier player was managing to fire off heavy auto-doubles regularly. IIRC holding down light or medium buttons to activate heavy linkers is not something training mode actually covers, and I didn’t even know about them until I was already a Gold bordering on Killer rank. That’s not to say someone just starting out couldn’t figure it out, but I don’t think it’s common knowledge.


My girlfriend and little brother use combo assist, and they know how to mix things up and use different tactics. I think what you’re finding is more a consequence of finding bad players who haven’t bothered to learn rather than Combo Assist itself

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If you’re getting opened up 1000 times CAM really isn’t at fault.


Stop getting hit. :slight_smile:

And didn’t CAM use to default to on anyway? When did that change?


Yeah it defaults to on from the very get go of the first play of the game. Once you turn it off it saves that you had it off, …just as if you turn it on, it will be on the next time you play.

But he is saying Not to be able to use it in Ranked period.

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The second part of my post was referring to OP. He’s asking for something that, to my knowledge, is already in the game.

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Yeah I get it… I agree… its already there for default CA… but its not locked in out of ranked and shouldn’t be locked out.

The dudes just complaining and nothing will change his mind.

As a CAM user myself (mainly for easier entry into the conbo system and I can play with it off should I choose), I don’t understand this mentality of locking it in ranked. I mean yes, you’ll get players who just spam lights/ get lucky hp into combo because of it, but the game doesn’t care. Inputs are inputs and they don’t change in-game whether it’s on or off. Allowing new players to perform interesting things is the idea of CAM as far as I understand it.


It doesn’t need to be on by default. It is up to the player to read about the settings and basic gameplay. If they can’t take 5 min to learn about the settings and basic gameplay, then they deserve to lose.

It should be (and is) on by default. The whole point is to take players who don’t know anything about FG’s and let them do cool stuff, because doing cool stuff is what makes people say “wow this is awesome” and want to learn more.

The players who know FG’s and value execution will do the legwork to tweak the controls to fit their preferences. Joe Casual touching the game for the first time will not. He’ll play a bit, mash, suck and get wrecked, and will then never come back and play the game because he couldn’t figure out how to do anything cool.


Did you mean heavy linkers here?

And yes, CAM is defaulted to on if i recall correctly. The game saves your selection of whether you wanted it on or off along with your button layout at the versus select screen. There’s also the little quick toggle on or off there, too.

@TEKkazamastar - Question for you. What rank are you currently?

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Yes, yes I did. My bad. :sweat_smile:
I fixed my earlier post.

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I was in Killer before Eagle came out. I turned my Xbox off a few days after he came out. I log in to play Ranked, and find myself in Qualifiers so I have to re-rank up, for whatever reason that’s complete and total bulls*it (Keep in mind, I hadn’t touched KI in the time I had it off, cos I had life issues to sort out). Now? I’m stuck in Silver. CAM users, lagswitchers and Rash mains are all I find and it’s extremely irritating. There is no variety, rhyme or reason to it. And I’ve been in Killer since Season 2 and all the way up to Eagle’s release, which makes this even dumber.

Well in killer the main differences are that you can’t tell who uses CAM (not that I ever could in the other ranks) and replace rash with glacius, glacius as far as the eye can see.


its fairly simple to tell when a newbie is NOT using combo assist, they generally cant keep combos going… they cant find the linkers… so their combos stop after a few hits