Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Thread

Probably my only piece of criticism that I noticed from early walkthrough videos is, well…the camera sucks… at times.

It takes me back to Monster Hunter days on PSP, yeah the handheld. After Capcom couldn’t fix, or wouldn’t fix it, I bowed out. Never played another MH game. Sekiro takes me back to those days when I hated Japanese action adventure game because of shoddy and slow camera movement (early MGS games, Monster Hunter, Ninja Gaiden, I could go on and on…).

Ninja Gaiden was a game where you had to keep moving. So off screen incoming projectiles were annoying but less of an issue as you were constantly dodging anyway. Sekiro requires standing still (posture), timely blocking and deflecting. You cannot time your block if you don’t see attacks coming or landing. Fighting multiple enemies remains a gamble if you get caught in a weird camera angle.

Other than this, which still bugs me, the game is great.

Lol. Oh, the camera in this game is terribad. It makes fights that would normally be moderately difficult and ratchets them up to super freaking difficult because the camera touches a wall and freaks all the way out. I’ve gotten walloped by a ton of attacks I couldn’t see coming because the game’s camera is borderline hostile :sweat_smile:

So what are everyones favorites so far?? Here is my list below of favorite weapons, items, mini bosses, main bosses, ect… I havent beaten the game, so I can only say what is my favorite up to mid Sunken Valley.

Favorite Prosthetic weapon - Mine has to be Magnetic Umbrella. This thing is so good on defense and then you come out of it with the Fan Slice if you have that skill unlocked. Superb!
Favorite item- probably Ungos sugar or Gachiins sugar…I use both pretty reguarly. Demon bdll is great too for farming XP and Sen.
Favorite area- So far I love the look of Senpo Mt. But also really enjoy Sunken Valley.
Favorite Mini boss - Of course Orgre was the coolest and skill level barrier…but I also really enjoy the look and skill of the Snake Eyes battle.
Hardest Mini boss - Seven SPears without a doubt for me. I didnt try to cheese him so reacting to his unblockables is hard for me. OMG
Favorite Main Boss - So far I really like the look and style of Lady Butterfly. I really wish you could go back and fight bosses again in a boss rush mode or something. THat would be fun!
Hardest Main Boss- RIght now Im stuck on Guardian Ape. WOW! Just and Epic battle of skill, reactions, and oh sheet moments!
Most unexpected moments- THe Dark Souls style Armoured Knight was awesome! Really threw me off guard. And the Guardian Ape ressurecton just blew my mind… LOL

I cant wait to see what else lies ahead! What about you guys??

If anyone needs tips on a good place to farm scrap magnetite and adaminte scrap…I know the best place.
Also the best place to farm XP and sen…I know the best spot.

Beat the Drunkard. Strategy was to bait out and kill his minions, run away to the left side of the building to get the stealth attack on him when his alert goes down, then double team him with the NPC using oil and fire to whittle him down. Cheesy but it only took two tries.

Only did three attempts on Lady Butterfly and barely got her to her second phase. At least you can knock her down off her wires with the shuriken. Are there better ways to damage and build her stagger, cause I feel like all I’m able to do during openings is chip?

I played for a half hour or so this weekend after watching Game Of Thrones, and actually reached and killed the Chained Ogre. I was surprised at how smoothly I managed to take him down after a few deaths to learn his patterns and how to avoid various attacks. I was having a hard time until I realized that I could use the grapple tool to bounce back in and land three hits every time I dodged a lunge. I was extremely happy completing this, as it netted me my third healing flask, and my fourth prayer bead. Looking at the larger life bar feels REALLY good.

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Deflecting her attacks is a pretty solid way to build her stagger, as are shurikens when she tries to set up in the air. If you deflect her she will stagger eventually - just be aware that you’re generally better off dodging martial moves.

@xSkeletalx I’ve been playing the game so out of order that that guy was like the 6th or 7th boss I fought. It’s kind of funny running into all these guys after I’ve got way more life and abilities than I’m “supposed” to. :-p

I do have to say WOW to this mod…if they can change some NPCs and bgm to match Nier Automata it would be even crazier.

W T F??? That looks amazing!!! How do they do that???

After a 3 week break while playing MK11 im finally back on Sekiro and man this game is soo awesome! Its so rewarding when you posture battle over a tough enemy or finally beat that boss. I love it! If they could put this combat system in witht eh Dark SOUls story style…it would be perfect!
I cant wait to see whats next! I need Bloodborne 2 next but …man they could make it so awesome if they keep it mixed with Sekiro!

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Learn her patterns of phase 1 and try to beat it without dying or healing. Deflect all attacks, and then dodge the axe kick and punish. Use your stars paring ly to only knock her down from the wires or to close the gap on a punish.
THen phase 2 same plan except when she puts out the ghosts run away till they disappear or use a snap seed. Snap seeds are rare so only use it if you are low on health and are about to beat her.
Its awesome once you finally beat her…good luck!

Thanks for the tips, though I’ve already moved on from her and decided to keep going on the main path. I figured why keep spending my limited time beating my head against a brick wall that is her second phase when I could actually make progress and come back stronger later.

Just beat the horse guy two days ago and got my first contract kill done. Those imps with the big shield hats were annoying at first until I realized I could just jump over their strikes and use my new aerial swipe for a fast 180 counterattack.

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THe imps die i 1 hit with the AXE prosthetic. If you have fang blade augment they really go down quick lol… anytime you see an IMp change to axe… one n done!

Yeah I moved on from Lady B for a while and then came back, beat her in like 3 tries after that. Sometimes its best to move on, enjoy the game and come back fresh and stronger!

After a long break in Sekiro Im back on it and just beat the Owl… what a great fight! Now onward to complete Kuros mission!
Has anyone fought the Owl or did you choose to not break the code?



Posted a vid of a player breaking down in tears after beating the game. Only need to watch from 48:29 onwards for a few seconds.

The raw emotions of someone beating Sekiro. Been watching all episodes from the start and it’s nice to see the determination of this player from struggling during many early episodes and the game not letting down it’s difficulty to then finally beating the game after many weeks of not giving up. I have cried during movies but never for videogames. Still I thought it was touching.

I did… and I suffered for it…
If I remember correctly the thing I struggled with The Most was the Jump Kick Shenanigans and Fireworks Attack…

Ironically enough the 2nd Encounter (in Hirata Estate) is alot easier. Mostly due to more opportunities to counter his Perilous Attacks

Meanwhile in other news im starting another playthrough… this time il actually use the Prosthetics… if only because I have 1000 Emblems and the game won’t let me horde anymore… il also be looking out for some Secret Counters (The game doesn’t always tell you some enemies have special ways of being countered) Anti-Air DeathBlows are a good start…

Edit 2:
Yeah the Anti-Air Deathblows are Hella Finicky !!! Cool if you can get one to land but its extremely unreliable. Very unfortunate because some of the more irritating enemies tend to be jumpers… im assuming they weren’t meant to be annoying due to the existence of this technique… but the technique doesn’t work sooooooooo…

I haven’t really had much luck finding secret counters… well… the more known methods are pretty effective… obviously you’l have to use the upgraded versions of prosthetic tools to get the best results.
I suppose now il just focus on Unlocking the rest of the Skill Trees…

Edit 3:
Okay so I started the game from scratch but this time without Kuro’s Charm… and I found myself cought between A Rock and a Hard Place O’Rin of The Water and Corrupted Monk … thats what I get for trying to skip bosses… anyway… I’ve been noticing something weird with the Posture Mechanic…

Okay so there I am… putting the moves on Corrupted Monk and naturally because of my skipping I was dealing very little Actual damage and Posture damage… However the posture was building up slowly… but when I stomped on her with the Mikiri counter her Posture immediately plummets to zero…

Why ? :frowning_face:

Has this happened to anyone else ?

Making a real attempt to finish this game.
Next up is the drunkard.

Get Him !!! :+1:
I actually Quit The Game After Losing to Juzou for 90 Minutes straight…
Came back after a few weeks after I learned a few tricks online…

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I am about to go online and learn some tricks too :laughing: Wasn’t able to get him after 10 tries :angry:

That may mot be necessary…
One of these Tricks is in the Loading Screens Tips… you should cycle through them until you come across ones you haven’t read before… theres one specifically about posture thats extremely helpful in the Juzou Fight… so much so I wish it had its own tutorial…

The other trick is less obvious… If the game doesn’t lock you in a Room and puts you up against multiple enemies… you can use that to your Advantage…

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apparently the devs won a nice award at the VGA. Best camera work during boss fights…or something.