Season3: The Canon Connection

It has been discussed, commented upon and sometimes even argued here on the forum but I’m going to give it a place and a specific theory for all to discuss.

So, when we look at the last two seasons’ roster, we were treated to a single bonus character in the form of Shago and Omen.

Each of these characters, though part of the game’s canon, do not have a playable story mode.

Now that season 3 is right around the corner, we have a couple of guest characters that have been confirmed as not being canon to the game.

  1. Does this mean they are not being included in story mode for season 3?
  2. If so, are we to accept this as an omission that the guest characters are in fact the bonus characters of season 3’s roster?
  3. If this is also true, does this mean that we are to expect a total of 10 characters by the completion of season 3’s release?

Ok, not a theory really, but more of an insinuating line of questions based on a theory.

Maybe I’m totally off with this one, but I see a pattern developing here.


I would assume the guests will have stories, they just won’t have any bearing on the main plot.

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It really just doesn’t make sense though, unless they put Shago and Omen into story mode.

I just can’t see how they can leave out canon characters and put in non-canon characters when it comes to story mode.

I don’t know if that means they won’t have a story mode (I asked, but I haven’t gotten a reply), but that’s their official state within “canon”.

Rash has the excuse in his trailer of speedruns “bumming him out” and getting transported with Professor T. Bird’s help, but that was probably more of a joke than it was an actual story reason.

Well the “bonus” characters are just that, a bonus. They don’t get the budget to become full fledged characters whereas these guests are fully premium paid content that will have premium accessories and retro costumes. So one would imagine the fully budgeted characters would get a part in story mode even if its just non-canon tomfoolery.

That was why I made this thread, it got me thinking.

[quote=“xCrimsonLegendx, post:5, topic:4748”]
these guests are fully premium paid content
[/quote] Do we know this for sure? All I’ve heard are retro costumes
confirmed so far.

I suppose it hasn’t been confirmed but if the last two seasons are any hint, I’d say its safe to assume that all of the premium characters will be getting their retros/accessories in season 3 as well. The only thing they have to sort out is what to replace the KI classic with since we don’t have another one to hand out this year.

Ah, I see.

I think the reason Shago and Omen were discluded was due to:

A). Shago was originally just a Jago reskin (meaning he was just part of Jago’s story at first), and judging from IG and Max’s comments, story modes took a LOT of time. He also doesn’t have much of a story outside of “possessed Jago who fought some people and eventually was ‘defeated’ by Omen gaining enough strength to take form”.

B). Omen is still the “bonus character” for Season 2. His real intention was mostly just a hint that Gargos was coming back for Season 3 (“For I am his herald and the sign of things to come!”, in his words) and nothing else…well, besides also being a really cool fighter. Talking about his story outside of pummeling Jago’s soul and then getting his everything pummeled by ARIA would probably be massive spoilers.

Again, can’t speak for Rash and Arbiter, but that’s the reasoning I’m guessing IG used for both of Gargos’ baby boys not having a story.

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But didn’t shadow jago cost more than any other character?

Technically yes but no.

He was a “free” gift for people who bought the day one Xbox LIVE gold cards, he was then released again as a “freebie” when you bought $20 worth of KI gold for the community bundle and then given away yet again when you bought more KI gold after his release. He’s been a “bonus” character the entire time and regardless of how much we’ve sank into him, he’s not a fully developed character that was intended to have a story mode, he was an afterthought that was meant as a gift and then was later expanded upon.

The only reason that suggests they aren’t bonus characters is that they are shown off so early in the roster.

It’s a massive reason why they aren’t the bonus characters, but I can’t help but wonder…
…maybe they thought the guests would distract us while they brought out the big guns later.

I know, Kim Wu is a big gun, but look at the amount of hype for Hisako, Aganos and Kan-Ra and they were new guys. There are less returning characters, so hype for new ones will be off the chart, in theory.

Still it is kinda bullsh%t that the guy that’s one of the main reasons that there even is a S3 doesn’t get a story.

Never say never dude. There might be a chance.

I feel the Rash could’ve been cannon considering that he’s sorta an AI like Aria is. I’d assume he could use the nano bots as a means of gaining physicality and it would allow him to shape shift as well.