Season Changes (Outfits)

Point: For each season, each character should have a different outfit. Therefore, at the start of Season 3, each character should have 3 outfits excluding the Retro.

After reading a comment from one of the forum members, I had an idea. Now I must emphasis that I understand that this idea is not likely, but if it were possible it would be a rather interesting addition to KI, especially with wanting to add that new feeling for each season.

In Season 3 we were introduced with a plethora of balance changes not only to the game but to the characters, during those changes every character was revised in someway. So, if they are changed fundamentally, why not ascetically?

For example, we have the Warrior Monk, Jago. In Season 1 Jago’s outfit was, “very humble and ramshackle, being composed of the curtains, ropes, floor tiles, and centerpieces that make up his lair. Instead of a cloth mask, he now wears a plated metal mask that covers his entire head save for his windswept hair”. In the story Jago is trying to purge the demon inside him through his own will, which he fails to do. Afterwards, he finally is able to overcome the darkness and free himself.

Knowing his story, we understand why his clothes is the way it is - hardy and temple improvised through his seclusion from the world.

In Season 2, while not too long after the events of Season 1, we know that there was a phase where Jago reunites with Orchid and joins forces with Maya and Tj Combo. During that time it would make sense for Jago to then change his attire for a different situation since he is no longer secluded in his temple.

This came to mind.

Obviously it wouldn’t be exact, Jago would use a similar amount of cloth and acquire new guards. His mask would remain the same because it isn’t likely to get a new mask.

Now we have Season 3, the arrival of Gargos. This is where all hell breaks loose and everyone has a significant role in the outcome, especially Jago (who was the main character of the original KI’s).

In this story we may see Jago finally control all elements that is the true Tiger Spirit. Thus his dependence over guards may be lacking in his attire and maybe even a lack of his mask because it was finally broken near the end of Season 2.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think! Is it an awesome idea or completely terrible one? Maybe you have some ideas of your own for your favorite character or main. Whatever it is, let me know. :grin:


Not a bad Idea! I like the Monk look, but I don’t know if we can get things like that without sacrificing time. You know?

It is probably a good time for more costumes. We will see.

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Sure do, “Now I must emphasis that I understand that this idea is not likely, but if it were possible it would be a rather interesting addition to KI…”.

Still if it were, what would be some of your ideas and whatnot?

Edit: Additionally, you being a Jago main for now - anything different from my view? Keep the mask, change the sword, etc.?

I personally like this style.

If Jago is truely our “Ninja”, then I wouldn’t mind more ninja looking stuff, like this:


I would rather Jago remain masked in all his outfits. The mystery behind the mask is apart of the lure and appeal to his character :stuck_out_tongue:

While I do think it would be nice to have additional accessories/costumes for the characters, I want to stress to you the way you improperly phrased the above quote. You used the word, “should” which insinuates that the developers must do it or even that they have to do it. This stresses to the reader of said quote that this is something that is needed, when it’s anything but. In reality, it is simply something that is wanted, and not in fact needed at all.

So, next time, try to be careful with your phrasing. For example, you could’ve said something along the lines of “for each season, it would be nice if each character received a different outfit.” This implies that it is something that you (and nobody else, but you) want, while simultaneosuly being polite, and easily gets the point across with reduced risk of sounding demanding or needy.

Please be mindful of needs vs. wants. :wink:

Yay for more outfits! Would abolutely love that. ^^
I prefer Jago to be more Monk-like than Ninja-like, since he isn’t a ninja. Besides, his “retro” alt already has that ninja feel for those who liked that.

Yeah, they really need to incorporate the acessory/skins into the story. Both Kan Ra and Spinal have cool color 50s that make them look like altered forms. Why didn’t they add that for the story and made it so that after Kan Ra drains the mask of ancients he changed into that mystic form. Change his particle effects and you have a cool final boss fight. Same for Spinal. Maya’s glowing gold color could be seen as temperence controlling her body. Why wasn’t she in the story mode and when you fought her call her temperence Maya and give her increased damdge as a mini boss fights. If you’re going to make a shadow maya don’t call her shadow maya call her vengence maya with the spirit possessing her body.

A lot of them are already incorporated into the story - Aganos and Thunder both, for example. Aganos’ retro depicts him as being a wholly-made artificial golem and not a mish-mash of all-natural stuff. Thunder’s retro depicts him as a biker (he rides a motorcycle into an Ultratech facility) and as a jailbird as well (as evidenced by his orange pants). :wink:

Well, technically that is one way to look at the definition of “should”. As in, “you should be home by 8pm”. However, that is only one way to look at the definition. Another way to look at “should” can also be defined as a suggestion and even express a polite request or rather to emphasizes a point. Which is the intention of my point, to emphasize a desire for seasonal outfits. It is never never used to demand - otherwise, I would have used a more direct approach of my desire.

That said, if I wanted to imply to the developers that something is needed, I would’ve gone with a stronger word like “must” or even “shall” which “denotes a requirement that is mandatory" instead of “should” which “denotes a guideline or recommendation”. As in, “for each season, each character shall/must have a different outfit”. I guess the impression of the word is based on the reader and not so much on one particular instance of the word. If you look too hard into the meaning, you will more than likely create a definition that differs from my intent.

Not really though. That would take a stretch on the imagination rather than the actual timeline of the story. One clear example is Jago, his retro is only a throwback to his original outfit in KI it has nothing to do with his current state of each season nor explains his back-story. Same with Sadira, Glacius, Orchid, Maya, Riptor, Hisako, Aria, or Cinder. That’s more than half the cast excluding our two bonus characters. The others you could possibly argue but that by no means is a “lot”, if anything it is less than enough.

I want to stress that the implementation of seasonal outfits would tell their story rather than take an effort to bring our imagination to life. Moreover, it would give a better impression with gamers who have seen KI since its first season but have finally decided to try it out with the addition of a pc port. To new and old gamers alike, we will have the sensation of a new game, ascetically and fundamentally.

Oh snap. :open_mouth:

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So long as it’s an alternate outfit I see no problem with this.

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Inserts foot into mouth.

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No thanks.

They need to fix the S1 retros first.

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[quote=“WheresAARon, post:15, topic:4999”]
They need to fix the S1 retros first.
[/quote]Which they’ve already gone on record to say that they will NOT do. It’s unfortunate, I know, but we can’t have everything…

Thats a great idea!!! I wish they would do this!

While this is a good idea I don’t think they should make these costumes canon in a way. I would prefer various new costumes for each charecter including a monk Jago costumes and a super spy orchid dressed as black widow. However I don’t think they should be tied to the story needlessly. After all every character should get this treatment yet there are some charecters like Riptor or sadira who did not change enough to warrant a full costume change.

I would prefer new costumes based on cool ideas like Godzilla riptor or a sabrewolf with a ripped up hoody on that are awesome yet are not related to the story.

After all how else can we get broccoli man aganos costume.

The big question though is how would accessories and colors work with these new costumes. Would they get nothing to reduce the production cost on these costumes? Get their own coolers and accessories but we won’t get them for a very long time? Would they in effect be a full uncustomizable colors like the special colors that include model changes or would they be something like accessories that only come in one pack that u can’t mix and match.

I would be fine making new costumes use no accessories but have their own 8 or so color variants. Or at the least get nothing if it means we can actually get 2 or 3 new model changing costumes for each charecter.

This would be a great idea for premium “ultra pack” content. I think that there are several ideas that could be done for each character to give them more outfits that coincide with their story (either past or present).

I think that they could do this kinda like TJ’s Blade oufit. No need to go all crazy with colors and accessories for them. Just make them completely different from what they have now while keeping their proportions, hitboxes etc the same.

If this were just for season one characters, I’d say sure, some accessories and colors would be cool, but honestly, if they did a completely new, story relevant look for each character? That’s 18 completely new looks, and if they did this for season 3 characters as well, it’s even more.

To me, that’s some good stuff for an ultra pack. You couple that with some other quality content like some reimagined classic stages from KI and KI2, maybe some other goodies and I’d definitely be on board with shelling out additional money.

I’d agree that Riptor’s a tough character in this regard. Probably Omen as well (though I’d love to have corporeal Omen, like a gray-skinned gargoyle, though that might look to close to Gargos depending on how he turns out).

But I think that these types of outfits can be inspired by each character’s current story, past history and overall background, and in that way, they could be canon.

Like Sadira for example. Her current outfit is reflective of The Red Eyes of Rylai. But she trained in thai boxing before that. What might she have worn back then?

Also, Sadira’s an assassin by nature. Maybe her current outfit is more reflective of her order’s attire, but it doesn’t scream “stealth assassin.” Someone mentioned Jago having more of a ninja look. I think that her story and background scream for a more ninja-type outfit. Something she’d be more inclined to wear if she were going to do some of the stuff that she does in her background story.

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I would assume that it would just be the costumes with color variants but the actual accessories would work for all costumes so there wouldn’t be more than there already is. I mean two costumes with 9 colors for everyone is already a great bonus for the most expensive version of the game when before granted you KI 1 & 2. At least that is how I see it, but if it were possible I would assume everyone gets two costumes with 2-3 color variants only.

Side question, what would happen if two players both used TJs blade outfit, since their technically isn’t an alternative costume?