Season 5?

At the end of KI United that just happened they kept saying “stay tuned for an announcement” and it was just this no context video that said “season 5 coming soon”


Is that Season 5 if KI? Season 5 of online tournaments?

I think its of tournaments in seaon 5 we are in no way shape or form getting a season of KI content at this point.


There was no Season 4 for the game, so the obvious answer is tournaments.

I agree that is most likely the right answer, but why be so ambiguous about it? Why make it a big deal? Season 5 of tournaments is cool, but wait until the end of the stream cool? Why tell people to wait until the end of the stream for 3 words and a number? It’s all so weird.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that Killgore, Shinsako, and Eagle were Season 4.

But the rationalist in me knows if there was anything new in KI Microsoft would have announced it already.

Also, I am apparently the only one confused by this because nobody is talking about it anywhere else. Not on Eventhubs, not on Reddit.

i dont remember there being a season 4, sadly. pretty sure they added everyone they needed to.
(but i still want doomguy in a fighting game, even if it would probably be mortal kombat)

Yeah, you’re reading far too much into it.

The game itself is finished development and has been for years.