Season 4

So everybody… are we thinking there’ll be a season 4 announcement anytime here in the near - or not so near future ???


They don’t announcement Season 4 yet. But I really hope we will see Season 4 before 2017 or early 2017!

Those polls have to serve some purpose.


The official announcement of Killer Instinct Season 4: MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

IG please make KI2? :slight_smile:


Nothing will be announced until at least during/after the World Cup.

When is that if you don’t mind me asking ?

I completely agree , unless they were only there to throw people off the track of knowing the last character was going to be eyedol.

They’re still working on stuff for Shadow Lords, so I doubt we’ll get any sort of S3 announcement any time soon.

If there is a S4 i don’t expect to hear about it any time soon. World cup at the soonest, e3 at the latest. Potentially lining up with the Scorpio.

I hope they get vacations before, we all need vacations when we work.


Vacations are very nessecary, most definitely.


I would like one but they better have stage’s next time. The lack of stages this season was one of the dumbest idea’s I have seen in all of fighting game history. I would of much rather stage’s over Shadow Lords any day.

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Just because you don’t like one thing doesn’t mean that having it over something else is dumb. In fact, it’s actually more smart for them to provide more Single Player/Casual content, because it generates playtime, which, in turn, generates more funding from the publisher. If MS sees that more people are playing, they’ll invest in the product more.

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The KI World Cup is like in March. I heard it was the same weekend as Final Round.

Which is March 18th - 20th.


Awesome. Thanks

There will definitely be more characters added to Killer Instinct. I’m pretty confident that a Season 4 is going to happen, but even if I’m wrong and it doesn’t I’m sure we will still get a few extra characters released separately or in a mini-bundle.

Considering the poll, and the fact that the devs have said that they aren’t bored with KI and are willing to work on the game forever, as well as the fact that there’s still a good player base online, AND the fact that they just went through a lot of work to bring the game to PC, AND the fact that everyone seems to still want more KI content, AND the fact that they already have like 2 more KI cups played for THIS game, AND the fact that apparently “Killer Instinct Con” will be a thing; I think it’s pretty safe to say that more stuff – including characters – will be added to this game. I also that that eventually, maybe 3 years from now or something, we will see a Killer Instinct sequel.

As for Seasons/Character announcements happening SOON, I’m not sure. I don’t think we will see or hear about any more characters for the rest of the year personally. This month is almost over, and I just don’t see anything big (in terms of characters) happening within the next 2 months. We might get an announcement early next year, though.

As for any content happening soon, though… We already know that more “content” will be added in update 3.5. We don’t know what it will be, but it could be cosmetic stuff for Shadow Jago and Omen.

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March 10-12th, to be more precise.

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Please no season4.
New KI please :slight_smile:

…adding a couple of new characters/costumes in the meantime? Sure.

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I don’t think there will be a Season 4 after the launch of the Definitive Edition.

Like what @CrazyLCD said, a new game would be better, and adding a few new costumes or characters is respectable.