Season 4 Release Schedule

To Devs: If you guys do a 4th season, please make is last longer. With Season 2, you released 2 characters at launch, and then then we had a new characters for 7 months, and 1 more for story mode. With Season 3, sure we got 4 at launch, but then we only got new characters for 4 months, and waited 2 months for shadow lords. It feels like it did not last as long. If you do a fourth season, launch it with 1 or two characters, and spread your season out more so that we can enjoy Killer Instinct for longer.

Er…you know that you can enjoy the game in the periods between content releases, right?


Players: “Release more content up front!”

Devs: “You got it.”

Players: “Spread out content releases more!”

Devs: “…FU-”


The only problem is getting bored with the game between new content release. With the proper spacing people can enjoy the game and before they are done exploring what came before, then we can avoid getting bored.

Right now I on mid program break from LPN school. Problem is, I’m still waiting for the next episode of the tell tale batman series, and for shadow lords, and I’m bored out of my freaking mind.

That sounds like it’s a personal problem more than it’s a problem with the game. New content is nice, but good fighting games hold up on their own without a drip-feed of new stuff, and KIS3 is definitely a good fighting game.

Not to sound too dismissive but I sincerely doubt the people that are getting bored due to a break in new content have actually explored everything new in season 3.

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Fair enough. I’ll admit its a personal problem. However, I’m not contending the quality of KIS3. I love the game as much as the next fella. I’m just stating the fact that long lulls in release will lead to boredom. Now I have to balance nursing school, and duties as a husband and a father. If after all that, I am getting bored, then I can guarantee your hard core KI fan that plays the game till the program degrade will get bored quicker than I did.

I don’t think you can guarantee that. The game is not fully discovered, there’s still plenty for a person to do in training mode alone, and plenty of matchup experience to grind out. Periods without new content are good for a game, they let things stabilize and help the game mature as people refine their gameplans. There’s a lot for a hardcore player to spend their time on.

And what about the players who like the campaign more than multiplayer? Also existing bugs deter players from certain modes. I have made complaint a handful of times before about the missing pause menu. That alone keeps me out of dojo, practice, survival, and shadow lab. I actually have to avoid pausing altogether in shadow lab and just take the main menu option post match when I want to get out.

With nothing but respect for everyone’s opinion on this, I’m sure the devs agonize over the schedule and there really is no way to please everyone. A lot of the tournament crowd argue for a “stable” game that doesn’t change too much around their practice and tournament schedule. I know more casual players will come back to the game when new characters drop. So what’s the right balance? I think we would all love a steady stream of content, but they also have to make sure there is enough time to actually build and balance things out of the gate and you can see places in S2 where the balance testing was rushed and maybe even with one character in S3 (yes, Eyedol, I’m talking about you).

One good thing is if you like and are interested in SL it seems like maybe updates for this mode will be possible on a semi frequent basis and without disrupting game balance for the tournament folks.

Yeah very true.

A breakthrough season would have content released in the form of costumes and accessories in between character releases