Season 4 Pop Cultures - Comic Books, etc

Season 1 was about the tournament

Season 2 is about Ultratech and their experiments

And now season 3 was about Gargos the Shadow Lord.

So what will the legacy continue in season 4? Like what new characters & stories? Including pop cultures they can use.


I think the magical/supernatural, since they mentioned Djinns, lovecraftian creatures, wendigo’s (cursed creatures), archers (perhaps magical arrows).

Maybe opening up the portal to the astral plane unleashed a whole bunch of shenenigens :smirk:

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Maybe Ultratech can’t recover after S3, and a rival that had prior been operating in secret seizes the opportunity to look like humanity’s shepard in the wake of Gargos. The marketing dept. had prior thought the company’s tech to be too “ahead of its time” for the company to take the stage in public. But, now Earth is Gargos’s toilet, and suddenly super advanced tech isn’t so scary.

Ultratech’s greatest successes were in cybernetics. Maybe the new company’s specialty is exploration–intergalactic on the surface, but they’re cooking up experimental interdimensional tech.

In come S4’s cast of aliens, monsters and Cthulhus. Instead of man-made abominations like Riptor, Cinder, Sabrewulf, ARIA, Kan-Ra, Aganos and Fulgore, we have pure, otherworldly delights :slight_smile:


Any pop cultures in mind? Maybe while Ultratech specializes in technology… how about another corporation specializes in magic?

KI could have…

  • An ape (Planet of the Apes, King Kong, Gorilla Grodd, Primal Rage’s Blizzard)
  • A speedster (The Flash, Quicksilver, Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • An archer (Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen, Legolas)
  • A merman of Atlantis (Aquaman, Namor, Mer-Man, Abraham Sapien)
  • A psychic (Jean Grey, Raven, Psylocke, Ermac, Kenshi, Kitana)
  • Bloodborne style “Hunter”

  • Explorer / Adventurist ( Laura Croft - Nathan Drake)

  • Noble Warriror (Dark Souls, Game of Thrones)

  • Lovecraft / Cuthulu type Mage- Sorcerer

  • Road Warrior/ Western apocalyptic gunmen (Mad Max or Erron Black)

I still support a Magic Archer and a Staff Wielding Fighter!



  • An eldest fighter would be a nice edition since they don’t have anyone old in KI yet.
  • A gunslinger
  • A fat fighter like Bo’Rai Cho, Bob & Rufus

We technically already have that with Eyedol.

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Didn’t notice. Oh well.

  • Paranormal Rorshach-Sherlock Holmes
  • Mad Scientist (Mister Sinister, Doctor Doom, Victor Frankenstein, etc.)

The perfect rivalry.

I have a problem with the mad scientist though.

Has anyone thought of new females for season 4? With these?

Maybe a bellydancer added in?

And since Eddy & Christie as capoeira fighters, can dancers fit in?

What about contortionists like Voldo?

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I’d like a fighter that has a pet by their side like Gilford from samurai showdown. Maybe combine that with the Indiana Jones archetype. Now all I can think of is Indy with his pistol/whip combo & that little monkey thief on his shoulder. Anyway I like all the ideas in this thread so far. Bring on more pop culture action movie fighters!

Is there a chance to a gunslinger? Something like Erron Black & Deadshot?

I was thinking of a zombie type character like in Walking Dead, Dead Risiing. Maybe one of the existing characters in the KI lore can become the zombie character like Eagle, Hisako’s father, the Babylonian king or maybe Sadiras master

You know, I’m not one to be shooting down anyone’s ideas, but between Hisako, Kan-Ra, & Eyedol covering just about every trope connected to undead cliche’s I really don’t see how a zombie-type character would really have anything to bring to the table. I mean it’s kinda like saying if you’re looking for vehicle variety and have a car, a truck, and a van, what benefit would you get from an SUV? Wouldn’t it be better to look into something else, like bulldozers?

You’re right, I was just speculating some possibilities that can open the story lore more but I was really thinking more the lines of a rushdown raging, in your face kind of zombie like in WWZ, State of Decay that fits that “infected zombie trope” which is real popular right now in the media.

Maybe they can create someone that uses a similar style to the popular crazed zombie genre? I know we have undead but they’re not the same kind of undead. Hisako a ghost, Eyedol a resurrected cyclops and Kan Ra an immortal ghoul. The zombie could be of something different. It’s like comparing an SUV to a bulldozer, both vehicles that ride on wheels or on the ground and require some sort of engine and fuel but are not the same.

When I was saying bulldozer I was actually meaning something completely unrelated to zombies, like the magic-wielding archer, or lovecraftian Cuthulu, etc.

I get what you’re saying but don’t we have two ghosts, Hisako and Spinal? They managed to make them different so why couldn’t a crazed, infected zombie type coming at you be made into something different than what we already have? I don’t think any character fits the Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead type of theme yet.

And we sort of have a Cuthulu if you count Spinal with his shield. Or maybe his shield comes to life and becomes the Lovecraftian character lol.

KI don’t have any

  • psychic
  • elder fighter
  • gunslinger
  • contortionist

And since Glacius is liquid, Cinder is plasma and Aganos is solid. We need a wind character to complete the periodic elements. Air is gas.

Bo Rai Cho confirmed bonus character.

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