Season 4/ new dlc

I know it’s early and season 3 technically just wrapped up with the launch of shadow lords, but just for the heck of it I thought I’d see what everyone thought about when you think a potential season 4 would be announced? I’ve personally been one of the people who didnt think there will be a season 4, but as time has gone on my mind has changed a bit in that area. If you don’t think there will be a whole new season, but just new dlc ( characters, stages, colors, accessories) added periodically, I wanna know when you think that would be announced as well.

While a season 4 would be my preference, I would just be happy with any extra DLC.

If they teased us with all those new characters in the poll and dont follow through with some of them I would be disappointed…


If they make endless seasons, I would pay for them

Too big and complicated roster? Not a problem for me, I would play forever this game


I’m hoping for a fourth season. A content pack would be nice in the time between seasons. I imagine s4 will launch in the same window as season 3 did. Would be nice to get some reveals at the KI World Cup too.

A content pack with accessories and maybe one stage would be perfect. Until we get season 4 officially announced.

So you’re looking for guesses at a timeline, OP?

Here’s my full prediction:

December 16, 2016: Prior to the winter break, Season 4 gets confirmed.

January 6, 2017: Eyedol Story DLC trailer shown at KI World Cup.

March 31, 2017: Eyedol Story DLC released, possibly in the form of some kind of pack that includes more consumables, two new guardians, and perhaps some other type of reward, like Eyedol’s stage or the bonus character that they hinted at in the survey. My money / hope is on / for Ben Farris (Pre-Transformation Cinder).

June 13, 2017: Season 4 officially revealed at E3 with the first character, Joanna Dark, shown for the first time. Release date will be August, 2017.

June - July 2017: New details on the season trickle in. Three additional characters, Eagle, Magical Archer and Lovecraftian revealed. All will be released on day one.

August 1, 2017: Season 4 rebalance stream. Parts of season 4 UI revealed. New gameplay mechanic. The first non-Shadow Jago Ultimate is shown.

August 28, 2017: Season 4 trailer shows the first four characters in action, plus brief reveals of character’s 5 and 6, which will be Djinn and Wendigo and a shadow of the final boss.

August 29, 2017: Season 4 releases with:

-New content added to Shadow Lords. Not season 4 story, but more consumables, guardians and scenarios in new cities, with new choices.

-New UI with new colors and a few redone odds and ends. Possibly a new “Fight On” screen, though I tend to doubt it.

-All characters have Ultimates.

-Four stages at launch. There will be five total.

-New graphical project completed: Redone characters faces and hair (probably not, but I imagine they’ll take on some sort of challenge along these lines).

-New project ongoing: Characters will be added to the dojo over the course of the season starting with the remaining season one characters.

-New Game Mode: I think they’ll add a new mode in, but it’s hard to say what. I’ll just throw out a few guesses:

-Team Battle Mode. They seem to be able to do it in Shadow Lords, so it only makes sense that this should become a thing.

-Assist Mode. Assuming they can’t do a full on tag mode, I could see them creating something where you can call in a partner with the taunt button to do a regular move, or a shadow move at the cost of one stock of your own meter, though how that would work and what they’d do is completely beyond me lol. But I could see this being both single player and multiplayer.

-Ronin Mode: I said this a long time ago, but for the people that have characters up to level 50, it’d be cool if they could keep earning stuff that you can only get once you’ve reached level 50; specifically, things to customize your profile with that only show up when you use that character. I proposed a belt system like in martial arts; the more matches you win, the more you move up in belt rank, maybe you get titles for that character as well.

Each match you win, you get a star toward your next belt, each match you lose, you lose a star. You just can’t lose the belt you currently have, as all of the belts become part of the inventory for that character.

-Ultra Pack will contain 10K in KI Gold, a killer version of one of the new guardians, a small stash of good consumables, permanent Double XP (for those that didn’t get it with the S3 Ultra pack), and the gold and platinum Gargos colors. I’d love to say plus two classic stages, but I don’t think they’d do that.

-Final four characters, including the final boss, will be released monthly thereafter, which will include Djinn, Wendigo, an old Sage (Pleeeeeeese IG!) and a returning Ichorian as the boss, with the Season 4 story added to Shadow Lords at the end of the season, which will wrap up at the end of December, 2017.


If a Season 4 is ever in the works, I would like to see them tackle on Ultimate’s, more character accessories and costumes, and more importantly…

Story Mode and Arcade mode for all characters. So far, Season 1 characters only have classic Arcade, Season 2 having a neat, but vastly different Story Mode, and Season 3 just has the online mode, Shadow Lords. I like the new added modes, but why are they sectioned off like this? A little consistency is all I’m suggesting, I mean I know their budget is tight, but just a simple “Fight 10 dudes and get a few still cutscense” would be better than nothing. And seeing how next season could be entirely new characters and guests, pretty sure all that would need added is just cosmetic features, as appose to bigger modes and new gameplay mechanics.


Naw, I’m done… no more seasons… Just finalize season 3! I’m trying to play something else…

Then dont buy it if it is released :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True…:joy: I love the game but it’s really starting to drag on…!

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I dunno about another full season but I’d like a mini-package of 4 characters:

Trap-based rushdown character (comparison char: C-roa)
Zoner/rushdown hybrid using unique resource (comparison char: Robo-ky)
Spell construction-based zoner (comparison chars: Dormammu, Nine)
Highly mobile pressure/setup based grappler (comparison char: C-kouma)

Though, for the last one, it kind of feels like TJ is pretty much the grounded, KI version of kouma (mediocre normals but awesome specials, good mobility options, great pressure options, delayed command grab for easy ticks,) so…maybe not?

@rizzo32bandit The game’s been around for like…3 years. It’s fine if you’re not gonna continue with it but to say that such a young game is dragging on is a little off imo.


In the customization character select screen, they do have 4 empty slots available, if S4 doesn’t happen, you could be onto something right there.

I’d rather have 8 new characters to be used against 26 already awesome characters, or use the already 26 characters versus the new 8 characters. It will give a whole new dynamic to the game, especially if you add those characters to modes like Shadow Lords.

A new game might start with perhaps 12 characters, perhaps you might only like 1 or 2 of those characters and a new game might have a small amount of modes…

I really am not looking forward to playing a stripped down game that might only really shine in the graphics department…

I would keep building the fan base, it doesnt matter that some stray, as long as new players keep coming in, because when a new KI eventually does come out, new and strayed player will at least try it out.


I’d say a Season 4 would be a last great “Hurah!” for this current reboot, only because I feel that could be the one to wrap up all lose ends resulting missing accessories, finishing moves, etc.

A sequel on the other hand, personally I’d like to see a good 16 to maybe 20 characters at the start, both returning and newcomers a like, with all basic substantial modes and features we’d come to expect. If they pull the whole “Sell the game in pieces” stunt again, I’ll be a little disappointed to say the least. Seeing how KI basically re-established itself as a Fighting Game Franchise, seems odd to redo the same tactic that most found very off putting during the game’s launch.

Yeah exactly, I wanna know WHEN people think they will announce either of those two things. Great posts by the way everybody. I’m really really hoping we’ll see more content. Like some of you mentioned, it would be really strange to have had that poll, and then never do anything with it. I’m still waiting for them to show us the results of that poll which they said they would do a month or two ago.

People, the game just launched for pc in this season. There are surveys for future characters. Eagle it’s all but confirmed. Shadow lords can easily be expanded for future characters. Some IG devs said that they would be happy to work in KI for a long time.

Season 4 it’s a sure bet.


No offense but that robo-key idea sounds like straight up fulgore

More like s1 fulgore, but sure. It would be a similar idea. But the game is at the point where they’ve covered such a large spread of character archetypes that there’s not a ton you can suggest that won’t sound like a character that’s already in the game.

Puppeteer: Relius Clover/Carl Clover, from Blazblue

A puppeteer character would be sick!


A puppeteer would be cool but I imagine a little odd in KI’s system. Still, I’d love to see how they do it. I really would like to see a character like c-roa though; there’s something mesmerizing about watching him and keeping track of both the traps he places and how many charges his lightning has.

I am with you.

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