Season 4 NEEDS to happen

So ever since the old forums I’ve put it out there that 3 Seasons of 9 characters is perfect for KI and that if we got 27 characters including all classic KI1 and KI2 characters in the game I’d be extremely happy with that being the final roster.

After recent events that transpired I would like to say that I am now begging for a Season 4. Not only are Eyedol’s chances pretty much gone but I’m starting to question whether Gargos will be playable or not! And as much as I think guest characters are cool, I’m annoyed that they have taken away from this season. Now that we pretty much know the first few characters of the roster that leaves two spaces for Eyedol and Gargos. But if both of them make it in that would mean we only might only get one original character this season! And if we want more original characters we can either leave Eyedol or Gargos or BOTH out of Season 3 and put original characters in their place.

Or we can put Eyedol and Gargos in Season 3 and have a Season 4 of original characters. However Im sure IG has the whole roster planned out so time will tell.


I wouldnt mind a season 4, with a new story about Eyedol taking advantage of Gargos’ loss or something. Could be a mini season or more like DLC of 4 characters, bringing the total to 30.

Eyedoll brings with him some badass monsters and a new hero rises up with the bunny spirit and can make superjumps …ok maybe not that last part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Also, he’s from Italy…

Only 4 characters were confirmed…please try to avoid anything that’s not confirmed by IRON GALAXY and MICROSOFT.

Thanks for the heads up. Tweaked a few things of the post while still trying to keep its meaning.

Oh absolutely! I agree with you. But its the fact that nothing has been confirmed, nor deconfirmed. So I’m rolling with a “What if this is true” situation

I understand. Is definitely pretty awkward in here.

Agreed, I would like to discuss ‘things’ aswell, and not being able to do so on the official messageboard is kind of stiffling.

But lets respect the hard work the developers put in and wait for a bit longer, maybe next week we will get a lot of info.

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As to the topic at hand, a season 4 would be pretty rad. Some people have raised concerns that it’d be difficult in mid-high level play to dive deep enough on all of KI’s characters if it went above 30, but I think we’d be alright, and people always seem to get to the point where they’re almost bored of the current roster and hankering for more no matter how many characters the game has. It could allow the devs to do some more new characters, and maybe also some interesting guests who we’re probably not going to get this season: Joanna, Kameo, McLaren P1, etc.

I also want to see the game continue to evolve and gain content and hold attention throughout this console generation, which could come via new characters or other gameplay/aesthetic additions. But honestly, this also depends a lot on what Xbox becomes in the next few years.

I have insider information that Shadow Burn Rubber is really hard to break.


I think we should get through S3 first. Overall I think there are some good indications that KI still has a lot of life in it and there are new and interesting character designs and gameplay styles that could be added to the game, together with improved modes etc.

As far as competition, I think for non-tournament players like me we are already seeing the level of matchup difficulty rise. I played a ton of S1 and knew those match ups inside and out. I still don’t have great matchup knowledge for most of the S2 characters and that’s partly because I don’t play as much and partly because I don’t see some of these characters being played online. But the reverse is true as well - I run into more players who don’t have matchup knowledge for my character as well. So I think you can draw a pretty straight inverse correlation between the quality of matches and the number of characters. People will make more mistakes and do more sub optimal things (due to lack of matchup knowledge) the more characters there are.

The good news is that matches where people use suboptimal strategies can still be fun to play in.

Let’s get Season 3 first and see where to go from there…

There’s still 4 characters left to be confirmed the info they released a week or so ago says there will be 8 characters: some new, some guests and some returning… so far they only have guests and old returnees who’s to say that 2/3 of the characters ain’t new original characters + gargos?

Who’s to say Forza cars can’t make an appearance in KI. We can have our very own bonus round in KI where we get to destroy expensive luxury cars instead of cheap sedans :grin:.


The game should get some kind of support beyond S3 since the Killer Instinct WORLD KUP is going on for the next 2 years (2018!)

Would be weird to not have some sort of update even if it was small

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Nah stop after 3, then start development on KI4 for Xbox Two.

No more Seasons for me, iam ok with more updates tho…

one season every year.that’s it

Till the day we die