Season 3's Story Mode may very well be huge

I have a feeling that one of the reasons IG decided to cut back on Stages is to make Season 3’s Story Mode bigger, better and more cinematic than the last two! I mean, the Season has literally just started and we’re hearing things about Gargos and Shadow energy and all this cool stuff which tells me they probably have some big plans!

Also, since stages are apparently the most expensive part of the game they must have butt-load of extra cash that could go towards some other cool stuff, Shadow Lords obviously being one of them. How could hey improve Season 3’s story? How about some actual cutscenes where the characters speak and interact with eachother like in Mortal Kombat. What do you think?

I think WB probably spent dumb amounts of money on MKX’s story, not even on the same order of magnitude as the amount MS/IG would’ve saved by cutting 5 stages. There do seem to’ve been hints that they’re going bigger with story mode this season than they have done before, but temper your hopes a little just to be safe, eh?

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Yeah haha, true that. I really wish KI Story Mode was just one big story for every character instead of having a Season 1 Story, Season 2 story and so on.

Eh, I kinda think the Mortal Kombat story mode model is on the wrong path, too. A “story” experience doesn’t need to be completely devoid of gameplay systems, and story mode could also be an opportunity to tutorialize players on how to play their characters effectively. Besides, jumping from character to character (and particularly between good and antagonistic characters in MKX) is jarring.

It’s most likely just going to be like season 2…with pre used animations and some narration

a ‘HUGE’ story mode is something like MK9, MKX, Injustice and potentially Street fighter 5

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And how well did MKX sell hmmm (hint… it sold crazy well so they made it back easily)

Season 3’s Story Mode may very well be huge

That’s what she said.

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I didn’t mean “business dumb”, in business terms WB’s decision to put that kind of money into MKX made sense. I more meant “dumb” in the “wow, that’s crazy dumb how much cash gets blown on a superfluous D-grade movie mode in a fighting game these days” sense, which speaks more to where consumers’ priorities lie than whether businesses are making smart calls.

But MKX didn’t just sell big numbers because of the money put into it. You couldn’t put that kind of cash into Bloody Roar or whatever and expect it to do just as well. Mortal Kombat was the original cultural phenomenon of a fighting game that reveled in gratuitous gore, that people played because they weren’t “supposed to” play it, and it’s the only brand that has maintained widespread recognition for that after likely hundreds of copycat games. The expensive production put into casual-friendly features like story mode surely helped MKX move millions of copies, but it’s a bit rich to fault someone other than yourself for not plunging similar volumes of cash into a game that is far less of a sure thing than MKX was.

(EDIT: which part of the above post is a direct reply to your own depends on what you meant with your response. If you were picking on the “dumb” bit wrt WB in particular, see the top. If you think it is inherently not “dumb” to spend shitloads on a story mode in a fighting game, see the second paragraph.)