Season 3's Music - Made by who?

I am so sorry if this has been asked before, which it probably has, but I couldn’t seem to find anywhere some info about who is going to make the music for Season 3.

Mick Gordon did a phenomenal job with the music in Season 1 and 2, but I do recall seeing him addressing this some time ago, saying that he would not make the music for Season 3… Am I right in this, or am I just imagining things?

If true… then has it been stated who will take up the mantle and make the music for Season 3 yet?
Because if so, then that’s some info that’s flown right over my head…

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Thank you so much!
Whauw, Celldweller?! I love his music, so this is gonna be good for sure!

Again, thank you for answering so quickly. <3

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Their names could also be found by just typing “music” in the search bar.

Not trying to be annoying, just helpful.

The search bar is a good place to start before making a whole new topic.

Oh, whoops… I hadn’t even noticed the search bar. XD
Either way, I got my answer. ^^

Believe me, i had to delete about 4 topics that i made that were unnecessary in my first week on the forums. :slightly_smiling:

It just takes some getting used to is all.

I also agree that the search tool is slightly hidden. I think it should be brighter.

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