Season 3 Ultra Edtion Idea

While at work,I came across the crazy idea of,what if,for season 3 Ultra Edition,we can get updated versions of the classic ports,adding the new characters from the new KI into the retro ones? I am going to go ahead and say,probably not,but wouldn’t it be cool tough? What do you guys think?

It would be cool but i find it highly unlikely unfortunately. Plus i just don’t see the demand for it. I am struggling to think what would be inside an Ultra edition. I can’t imagine characters would be locked away behind the Ultra edition. Maybe remake some classic stages? that would get me excited. The soundtracks? Cool but i don’t see someone buying Ultra over the Combo breaker pack this time if that’s the incentive.

Has it been confirmed we’re even getting an Ultra edition this time around, does any one know? I’ll be buying it regardless tbh.

To be honest, I think that would be a lot more work for IG (or CodeMystics) than it would be worth. I personally don’t care for the old games, and don’t even have them installed. If I want to play KI, I’d much rather play the modern one.

What I would like to see for S3’s Ultra would be additional costumes, for as many characters as possible. We can assume Ultra would include Retros for the S3 characters, but I’m hoping for third costumes (Ultra costume?) and new accessories (not just colors) for the S1 and S2 characters. That would be a sizable bonus, and in my mind would be worth the extra money for an Ultra edition.

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Man thats a great idea. I’ve always wanted them to revisit some of the older characters so i’m all for that. New stuff for Fulgore is enough of an incentive for me.

It could be a way to release shadow Jago to everyone. A while back, I thought it would be an HD Battletoads game, but i’m not sure anymore, because of Rare Replay.