Season 3 story

I’m curious how people want season 3’s story presented.

Would you want season 1’s multiple what-if endings approach? I think most people preferred a more cohesive narrative.

How about season 2? An intro, rival intro and conclusion, with smaller cutscenes between fights?

Of would you like to see them expand the mode to include even more content? More detail on the characters and what’s happening throughout all plot lines?

Do you believe they should do for season one characters what they did for season two? If they do the same thing for S3 that they did for S2, will that make S1’s story stick out even more to you? Or is it a “what’s done is done” scenario?

Or if S3 does go bigger, should they try to bring both S1 and S2 up to the new standard? I’d there a way of making a big story for S3 that includes all three seasons EQUALLY without retconning anything that happened previously?

TL/DR: How do you want the story for season 3 presented and should that have any baring in what’s already been done in the past?

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to be honest if this is the last season for ki, then by all means go big or go home. XD

With all this time and money earned, there should be FMV. Intros and MKX
style story mode for season 3.


Hopefully Shadow Jago and Omen get some love in Season 3.

As much as I’d love to see full cinematics I still think it would be a bit strange seeing our favourite characters moving and talking.

Hopefully we get some what if scenarios. It’s pretty exciting, but we still have 8months left to wait!

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If S3 is the last season I want a single story mode (not one for each character) that includes all the characters to a degree. I doubt that will happen tho and season 2’s approach will be used, so at minimum I hope the quality is higher this time around.

I want a full story mode al’a MKX… cinematic, classic tower with "What If"endings for each character.
Personally I would like to see KI season 3 to be basically placed over the MKX framework.,… Story mode, Classic tower with endings, Survival tower, Modifiers, Team battles, King of the hill, LIVING TOWERS, weekly DLC like teh living towers are currently. i think MKX as a frame work really got it right and KI could be so freaking amazing if t were similar in set up.

I wish…sigh

I agree to an extent. I would like to see them put together a full story that includes all characters from all seasons. Let’s just pretend that season 1 and season 2’s story was more or less the preamble to what happens in season 3. We met the characters, set up the “factions” more or less that they belong to, they introduced the initial conflict, and set the stage for the bigger plot to come (ie the arrival of Gargos).

From there, I’d say go for it, as far as the story is concerned. Really go all out. Give these characters personalities, smaller conflicts and subplots, motivations, etc. I’d even add some drama to it as well. Some humanity.

I know, for a game with robots and man wolfs, that sounds silly and it definitely has the potential to go down a campy road that I wouldn’t want to see. But let these characters function within the realm of what they are. Sabrewulf is a drug-addled monster, angry and suffering, trying to regain his humanity. Perhaps there’s a way to get inside his mind without it sounding too corny?

Just a thought.

But as for the arcade endings… I don’t personally want “what-if” endings. To me, those are throw aways. If we don’t know which happened (and who knows if we’d ever find out), then I see no point in wasting that space.

Instead, I’d use the arcade mode moments more like season 2’s story, where you get an intro, a pre-rival cutscene and an ending. I would either cut out the other in-between match plot movement, or I’d change it so that it only referred to what’s happening within the construct of the Ultratech tournament, which I believe should take place in this season between Gargos and his minions, Ultratech and their minions, and the good guys. Maybe even have a few wild cards in there as well.

But for the cut scenes specifically, as well as the arcade endings, I’d really like to see them be canon moments that fit in with the story mode, but have them serve the purpose of focusing in more on that specific character you’re using. Providing more details and info that you didn’t get in the story mode.

But it should all fit together and paint a full picture. I really thought that MKX missed the boat on that. You have this big, epic story, but a lot of the characters were underutilized in the story or borderline absent altogether in spite of being playable characters.

They could’ve used arcade mode to further flesh out what those characters were doing while the story played out and what ultimately happened to them or used those endings to further augment the storytelling of the main story mode. Instead, we just got a lot of random stuff that by and large probably didn’t happen. What’s the point of that?

By now, it almost feels like they just come up with some wacky stuff because they know it won’t mean anything. “Hey! Sub Zero rides dragons now!” lol :smile:

I agree, but Im more hoping for the game play options along with story mode cinematic. Lets be honest, once you complete story mode in either game… you dont go back and play it again. KI needs more towers, more things to do besides exhibition,ranked and CPU survival. Shadows is an amazing addition…but MKX has enough going on to keep me coming back every day…KI doesn’t have that… only the greatness of KI has me coming back…and that doesnt work for everyone.

Season 2 story looked very cheap and made me laugh a few times. Keep it simple like season 1.

I think it should be called Exodus. Humanity only hope is Kim-Wu bringing the fury of Holy Red Dragon against Gargos. Otherwise mankind are doomed and soon extinct by the soul vampires called Omen.

Yeah, I agree that a story mode tends to be more of a one off in most games. You play until you get the ending and that’s about it. But does it have to be that way? What if they found a way to add more towers, like what you’re saying, but also include some sort of story tidbit at the end of each of them?

Again, something that’s canon, and perhaps tells us something else we didn’t know or takes them a little further on a path that they’re already on? I mean, this game is an ever-evolving platform, right? Why can’t the story keep evolving too? That would definitely keep me coming back.

Honestly, the towers and the faction stuff in MKX didn’t really resonate as much with me like I was hoping they would. Though that’s partially because MKX’s gameplay doesn’t feel as good to me as KI’s (IMO), so they didn’t keep me coming back as much. Just not as hype for me as it was in MK9. Not big on the environment stuff, the X-Rays, and the animations / timing etc.

I loved the tower in MK9 and the Vita version though. Now it just feels like a bit of an artificial way to extend the life of the game, which would be fine if I enjoyed the gameplay more and there was some tangible reward for completing them. It’s not bad, by ANY means though. Still a great idea. I just wish that they’d evolved out of MK9 a bit more, a bit differently perhaps.

I do agree 1,000% though that they MS & IG really need to come up with some new modes (plural) for single player offline. Something new, interesting and fun that’ll keep me coming back and gaining more XP and what not. I play through survival mode now, starting with the character that has the lowest level, playing until I lose, then playing again until I’m just about to level up, and then I switch characters to the new lowest ranked character.

Probably doesn’t sound like the most fun you could have with the game. I don’t play online a lot. So I don’t play Shadows all that often or ranked, though I do concede that both are great modes. I just wish offline had some great modes like that so the offline experience was just awesome as the online one.

Wow! That’s KI’s curse. No matter how many KI games would be made. It always will have a weak plot. :worried:

as long as the story cutscenes are like how they did season 2 thats all i hope they keep the same what ever the story plot is it will be awesome

I know, I wish KI had the character selection screen like MKX.
That is so bad @$$ .

To see Orchid saunter up to the foreground like Mileena, twirling her batons. Omg

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With how that 'storyline’for season 2 was setup, I don’t even care to finish the others.

I appreciate the effort in Season 2, but it’s painfully obvious it was rushed. If time constraints won’t allow for some properly animated cutscenes I’d prefer a comic book style of storytelling it shouldn’t take too much effort and the best thing is it can be done while the characters are worked on simultaneously so we don’t end up with a situation like Season 2 where the characters have to be finished and the developers only have a month of time to put together a cohesive story using the remaining assets. If not that then I’d just go back to Season 1’s approach.

I honestly prefer the way the Season 2 story was approached. Although I’m certain they’ll make it better in one way or another, if I had to choose between the Season 1 approach and the Season 2, I’d vote for Season 2.

Yeah, I’m definitely with you on that. I’m not a fan of “what if” endings at all. To me, they’re a waste because there’s usually about a 90% chance that they’re not actually part of the canon story, and if that’s the case, then why even bother? It’s wasted space. When you put in multiple what-if endings, it becomes even more absurd.

I like the way season 2 was laid out, though I’ll concede that it’d be nice if they kicked the production values up a notch or two. I’d be curious to see how they’d structure it. In season 2, they just had you play through as a character and they told that character’s story or their part in the main story overall, with some cameos from other characters.

With season 3, I almost wonder if there’s a way to transition from this style of singular, more focused storytelling for each character, perhaps leaving that for arcade endings, and use story mode to focus more on the larger plotline as a whole without having to make it this big, blown out MKX story mode. Not sure where the happy medium is there between that an KI Season 2.

I like the “Mortal Kombat” history scheme.
You tell a history, and you change the controlled fighter each X number of fights.

Supposing 3 fights(not necessary in a row) for each character, with 8-9 characters in season 3, we are talking about 25-26 characters, 75-78 fights in total, with short cinematics between each fight…
[OoooOOoOhhhhhh my pants…][1]

Nah, too ambitious

Also, this is an idea of Season 3 plot that I put in another topic, what do you think of this setting?

S3 Plot:

Kan-Ra opens a Portal to another dimension that brings Gargos and his minions to this dimension(Omen is already here as his herald, 1 General(Think in Cinder for Ultratech), 1 “generic minion”(think in Fulgore/Riptor alike, can be produced in mass). Also, one of Gargos enemies in his homeworld, Eyedol, manages to enter in this world via the portal.

Eyedol has no army here, so he starts recruiting monsters with the ambition of defeating Gargos and conquer this world, promising them freedom from their curses. Sabrewulf, Spinal and Kan-Ra(seeing that Gargos is too powerful and expecting to get advantage of his rivalry with Eyedol joins the latter as advisor and second in command, expecting for a chance to study Gargos’ powers in a eventual victory and using them to surpass Eyedol) are his new soldiers. Optional recruit/creation/minion of Eyedol here as new character.

Meanwhile, “earth guardians” begins to form a group of resistance against the invaders. Maya recruits Tusk for the Guardians and Kim Wu joins Jago as the spirit of the Dragon in the battle against the invasion.

Ultratech uses all his potential to fight against Gargos, but Orchid’s resistance(formed with Thunder, TJ, Aganos and the unexpected help of Glacius, and by his own and without affiliation, Hisako), whose paranoia against Ultratech doesn’t stop growing believing that they are behind the invasion, annoys and distracts ARIA from the real problem. During the story, many of them could realise the real problem and maybe forge a frail alliance with Ultratech.

Also, Kan-Ra’s portal begin to malfunction, and attracts another dimension inhabitants, like a infamous and dangerous giant Toad and (insert guest here)…
Alternative version: Eyedol doesn’t come by Gargos portal, he uses the portal that Sadira opens in Season 1 with Glacius technology. He could then have the background I mentioned, or Ultratech may use him to fight against Gargos(credits to @M00NLightNinja for this) [1]:

Yeah, it’d be a bit much to expect them to do what MK does, which is a 1:1 ratio of fights to cinematics, some of which can be rather lengthy. Expecting them to have 75-78 cinematics for story mode is expecting an awful lot and to be honest, I still feel like MKX’s story was about half as long as it should’ve been.

Several characters didn’t have point of views and some characters were almost ignored completely (Kung Lao) or had very small moments in the sun (Ermac, Erron Black, etc) while some characters were just relegated to cannon fodder (Reptile, Baraka, Baraka and for the love of god, Baraka).

I think that the overall style of storytelling works for a game like MK, but I still think that they have another level or two to get to in terms of both character inclusiveness and even storytelling in general. Lots of plot holes, plots that didn’t seem to go anywhere, logic errors, fight balancing issues etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they go in to so much depth to tell the story, but I think that they can do even better.

Still, that’s kinda to the point that I ended my last post with when it comes to what would actually work for KI… What’s the median between a massive MKX story mode with it’s 1:1 ratio of match to cutscene and KI season 2 story mode?

Personally, I’d like for it to feel more like a story and less like you’re going back and forth so quickly between fighting and watching, fighting and watching. I’d also prefer it if they didn’t adhere to a specific set of matches that each character has to play in a row. Tell the story. If that means I play one match with Sadira, then we jump someplace else and I play Maya against 4 “different” Fulgore units for four matches and then the story goes to Orchid without a match and then jumps to Tusk for three matches etc, so be it.

I’d also like to see variations on the typical match. Have character start with less health if the story requires it, or health slowly draining, or even have matches stop in the middle if the story calls for it.

Like an event triggers: A character takes out your opponent and you have to fight someone else, or an explosion happens and you and/or your opponent are wiped out, ending the scene, or the character you’re using loses (you shouldn’t ALWAYS have to advance the story by winning). Perhaps stuff can be helped along by in-match dialog even.

Maybe because it’s story mode, we nix the use of rounds entirely. Either incorporate two rounds worth of health in to one health bar or just use one regular health bar. Either way, it’s better than best two out of three, which doesn’t feel very story-related.

Just thinking out loud here, but for story mode, and only story mode, I’d like to see the matches be tailored more to what’s happening within the construct of the story, rather than just say “and now your character is searching for this item and they find Fulgore” and you fight a regular KI best two out of three match.

I think that there are ways of doing this mode that don’t require a ridiculous number of lengthy narrative cutscenes. They can use text, they can use pictures, they can use in game dialog or the in game engine to augment cutscenes and together with everything else I’ve suggested about how matches could play out, this could provide some unpredictability as well as story info without having to stop after each match and have some big long scene where the player’s just passively watching, waiting for the next time they get to fight.

Anyways, just some ideas.

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