Season 3 story mode

With a 2 returning characters and maybe 1 or 2 new characters does anyone think they’ll update story mode for everyone this season?
Give everyone closure in their storyline over this season. It does seem to becoming to a head.
Guests aren’t canon so they’ll not be playable in story mode so this is the only thing I can really see story mode worthwhile for this year.

I really hope so, Sabrewulf didn’t even play a role in season 2’s story.

He really didnt but I think thats because he was upset at not finding a cure at the end of season 1 and he went into exile I think thats what happen Ill have to replay it and find out

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Maybe season 3 will give Sabrewulf a role somehow.

If there was a vampire, there would be some purpose.

Oh! And they better give out cutscenes!

I don’t think so. I think they’ll leave the old stories alone. Maybe they will add a new MK level story mode but that’s a big maybe. That’s the only thing I can justify for taking away stages.

With all the guest characters being a problem, I’m expecting a generic story mode where only the ending is character specific, or an MKX STYLE story mode (dramatically toned down of course).

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Although people complain, I really don’t see them giving us a more elaborate story mode for the new characters than we saw in season 2. I expect a cutscene driven story.

I also don’t expect them to integrate and unify the previous story modes. But we will see.

There are at least 2 guest characters, and they are not integrated in the story mode, meaning they can spend more time in the rest of the cast than in s2

I would love a cut scene story mode. Then just have the ki s3 guys a s2 type story