Season 3 "Stage ultra" voice clip (it's bad)

The announcer says stage ultra now, which is good, but the voice clip sounds really bad.
Click >HERE< to see.
I suggest they roll it back to just ULTRAAAAA untill they get a better clip.

Edit: Hopefully the alternate announcers do it better.


I agree. Stage Ultra callouts sounded good on paper but it seems like it was executed poorly.

I would prefer to not have these callouts unless they are done properly.


Theres already a thread on this: Stage Ultra Announcement
General consensus is it sucks.


It redefines sucks.

Can’t believe someone greenlit that voice file.
I would have rather had the aforementioned Max Dood as announcer than this.

Just disappointing.

I’m leaving.



I wonder if all 3 announcers call out stage ultras.

Speaking of, is the “ULTRAAAAAAA” announcement gone? I haven’t heard it once in the streams even after a double ultra.

good question

M͙a͙y͙b͙e͙ i͙l͙l͙ f͙i͙n͙a͙l͙l͙y͙ c͙h͙o͙o͙s͙e͙ A͙r͙i͙a͙ n͙o͙w͙ l͙o͙l͙

Yep it’s really really bad, it sounds so awful and awkward that I seriously cannot possibly fathom how that got approved to be in the final build…?

For the love of everything Holy just get rid of it completely and let’s all forget this ever happened.

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Wow. Just wow its not bad its Awful come on IG you’re better than this. Its the way he said Stage Ultra which didn’t bring the hype at all IG needs to do better and i mean way better if gonna bring hype into Season 3.

S͙o͙u͙n͙d͙s͙ l͙i͙k͙e͙ a͙ c͙o͙u͙n͙t͙y͙ f͙a͙i͙r͙ g͙o͙a͙t͙ a͙u͙c͙t͙i͙o͙n͙

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It sounds so bad…

I can’t defend this one, it’s just terrible. It’s not the idea, it’s the execution. It doesn’t sound like Mike or Chris or any previous announcer, and the tone is a weird shift I would much rather just hear “ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” Because the current announcer call out for Stage Ultra is just awful.


Why did the announcer SAY “stage”, I think that breaks the immersion of the in game experience…

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There is an alternative, though since you all seem to hate it so much I’m not sure whether suggesting it will be of any help.

Actually there are two alternatives:

  • Re-record the file. This would cost extra, or so I believe. However might satisfy the haters, though can't be sure.
  • Just change it so the stage ultra callout - Wrecked, Cratered, etc plays after the original ultra combo callout.
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If they had just used the “ULTRAAAAAAA!” shout, that would’ve been sufficient, imo.

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That has to be a joke I admit that is too…hilarious…I’d rather they just keep the Ultra.

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Just so you people know, the original “default” announcer is no longer working with the game (Mike I believe was his name), he is an employee at Double Helix.

All the “Mike” announcements like name of the characters from S2 onward where made by a lookalike.

I believe until now this was no problem because they used the original Mike clips for combo names as these where already done, only character names where made by the lookalike. Now this is the first case where a combo callout was made by this new announcer and I agree, it’s not very good. Either his voice isn’t fit for the task or (most probably) the effects they did on his voice didn’t really work in this case.

Either keeping the original ULTRA soundclip would be the best or just hyping this up more. This makes me not want to do stage ultras or i just get an awkward cringe. This isnt the KI Feeling i know it can reach. Just want to be able to voice out with all you guys so we can really get this changed up! Loving everything about season 3 but this i have to say, really stood out to me.

Please tell me this isnt real…
If they removed the most hype thing about ki, i will not play s3. (and i already got)