Season 3 Roster line up

KI Season 3 is confirmed! Here is my roster, just a guess

Kim Wu
New Character
New Character
Bonus (IG discussed the idea of a sibling of One of the cast)
New character
New Character
-more buffs/nerfs
-retro stages


this is probably my ideal way for the S3 line up to go. Though I wouldn’t expect it.

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Still waiting for some more S3 news…


And Shadow Jago news!


They are still finalizing Shago, S3 won’t come until March. The news will come slowly.

I know it’s been tossed around in other threads, but as for a new character I’d love to see a vampire type character. I’m sure you can figure out why. :sunglasses:

So four new characters, two guests, Gargos, Tusk, Kim Wu, Eyedol and then a bonus character for a total of eleven? I’d be kinda surprised if we got that many, though I certainly wouldn’t complain!

I could see retro stages being part of the Ultra Pack, assuming they decide to do one. I’ll be curious to see what else they decide to include.

I know that some people will be angry, but I think it’s entirely possible that Eyedol doesn’t make the roster, even if I think he’d make a great sub-boss for Gargos.

My guess is Gargos, Tusk, Kim Wu, two guests, three new characters and one bonus character who’s also new, but still fits the lore and maybe uses Fulgore’s rig (ie Eagle).

I can also see a new match ender as well as either Ultimates or Humiliations, but probably not both. My guess is Ultimates.

I also tend to think that there will be a new mode for offline players. Maybe that’s more of a hope than anything else. :smile:

Did you know Vampire was confirmed for Season 3 by @TempusChaoti.

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I kinda have a bad feeling that we’ll have two guest characers meaning that aside from Tusk, Kim, Gargos and MAYBE Eyedol we may only get like 3-2 new characters unless Rash is the only guest character.

How about a psychic character? Like Psylocke, Rose, Ermac & Kenshi.


maybe? What do you mean?

I said maybe because there’s no real way of knowing if Eyedol is confirmed or not. That’s still up in the air. The point is about how many “new” native KI characters we’ll have.

Intresting thing to note, the only thing keeping Eyedol from getting in is that the devs don’t know what to do with him. They found a way to get Gargos to work in this game but so far nothing on Eyedol.

What? I don’t remember anything like that happening

I think it’s 4 or 7 month ago about Textual Stream Q&A. Someone asking to @TempusChaoti about Vampire fighter in Season 3. Adam said “If we have plan for season 3 then vampire will be in!”

I can’t remember exactly. sorry bro.

Wondor how they are going to present this one :slight_smile:

real talk! i thought we would know something by now

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We’ll be lucky to get ultimates this season but I can state almost as a fact that we will not be seeing retro stages (because they apparently cost to much to produce) and I’m nearly positive humiliations will never make it into the game. People get salty when you try to do a full ultra on them, this generation of KI fans couldn’t handle humiliations.

probably right, this KI has a budget This one incorporates just so much of the old material without being overwhelmed by the old to appeal to the veteran players, but at the same time so much new stuff is also incorporated to appeal to newer players but not enough to overwhelm it and Microsoft has to balance and keep this within budget, I think.

ultimate have already been confirmed that they’re not returning for season 3