Season 3 Rebalances Discussion

There is something I am noticing a lot from renowned players and even some people on this forum. Some of you guys are new to Season type of games so rebalances aren’t what most fighting game players are used to. League of Legends the most popular Esport on the planet, has pretty much standardized the season approach and KI seems to be following most of its the traits of that game like the Rank system, the season approach and even the store.

The thing people don’t feel comfortable with is the Season approach. You guys have to understand that with every season there will be new mechanics, new rebalances, and different characters that will change the game. League of Legends 1.0 is not the same as it is today and I assume the same will happen with KI.

I see tweets from people like CDJR saying they miss Season 1 and to get Rich back but the game will never go back to that way of playing. The game will continue to change so don’t stay comfortable or down if you aren’t good this season. Next season everyone will be on equal footing.


It’s that new seasonal aspect that is the reason why I like KI so much and still continue to play it - there’s always something new to try or experiment with. As long as they keep it up, I’ll keep playing. It’s officially my favorite game for the time being and has been for some time. Despite the fact that I’ve played the game for over 2 years now, I’m STILL learning things. How many games can do that!? Not many, let me tell you…


People kinda have to suck it up (I mean this in the nicest way.) Street fighter keeps updating. Heck, we get so many different versions of SF, it’s Crazy! Anyways, it forces people to actually learn/relearn characters, so It kinda forces them to become better at the game. Trust me. I think KI is the ONLY actual fighting game that I feel confident in, other than the other fighting games out there, because of it’s ever changing stuff. Keeps it fresh. :wink:


Imo IG just needs to town down the dumb stuff (Unbreakables, Instinct Cancel out of Combo Breaker, certain characters special/instinct properties) and make a few more holes in characters that are too well rounded. And personally I think universally every shadow move should be moderately shadow counterable and all shadow counters should be -1 on block, I also think universally meter gain should be decreased. I also think adding moves to every character that cost all shadow meter for a utility move such as fulgore and omen have would be an interesting option to explore.

All they need to do is remove Feral Cancels, then I don’t care about anything.

So long as its one of their own characters that is fine…we don’t want them to change fulgore…again and the rest of the S1 cast were fine (don’t tamper with it IG…)

Probs will be Omen, Aganos and T.J (me thinks)

EDIT: I was referring to the characters who were going to be completely changed

Aganos its not problem.

I agree; for all of the extremes that he has, he’s really balanced overall…

I agree with he first part of this statement they need to leave Fulgore the hell alone.

I don’t mind it much, the changes are subtle enough overtime so it never really strikes me as overwhelming. I won’t lie though, I’m not too fond of change. But, change in this case is good.

Still part of me will always want to go back to the older versions. Not necessarily for multiplayer but solely single player whereas, someone can click the versions and just play as that cast and version of what was.

I digress though, it is a lot of work and not worth the attention. So, for that matter, I will deal with the change as it comes, and as it has been, change isn’t all that bad.

Combo Break Instinct cancels hopefully. Being a Jago main, I never realized how much of a unfair advantage that is until the community brought it up. Imagine you are at Evo, fighting me. You are about to win. But both our health are at Danger. I see you hit Mediums, and break your Combo. You think, “Ok. Good Break. I still have a cha-”


I win. And there was no way to break it at all. You just lost Evo, due to an Unblockable. :frowning:

I sometimes find myself doing it, but I catch myself. Like I’ll Combo Break IC, But I’ll realize before any Endokukens come out. I’ll just let them fall.

A lot of characters can instinct cancel though, I think they should be balanced so that everyone gets some slight advantage from it.

I don’t know, I got so used to it with Jago, I love his setups to gain health but it was nice just to get an easy way to gain healthy pack go into medium Wind Kick and cashout the damage with a Shadow DP. I suppose it is unfair, but part of me doesn’t want instinct to lose its significance. But, in reality it does seem like an issue when guess breaking is more likely to occur. Well, so long as Jago gets crazier endokukens, I’m happy!

I know. As Jago mains, It’s a little hard to accept something is broken when we love the Character. But yes, Guess Breaking can occur, and that could mean an unfair advantage. TRUST ME. I know you’ve been there when you are playing against Spinal, about to win, both of you at Danger, and he hits you with Combo Break IC into Instinct Steal. Lol. I die inside a bit when I play TJ Combo and that happens. XD

Ah… dang, yeah Spinal is devastating…

Combo Breaker > Instinct Cancel > S. Searing Skull > Light Soul Sword > S. Skeleport > Kan-Ra takes your controller stating that you will no longer need it.

Devastating, but it is a tad broken, or just similar to MvC’s X-Factor. We will see what comes of this.

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LOL I Died Reading this… Now, I feel like this is all I will think about after getting bodied by a Kan Ra.