Season 3 Rebalance Word Count Contest - Win a Shadow Jago Figure!

Hey guys! I bought a few extra Shadow Jago figures to use as giveaways in 2016, and its time for the first one!

All you have to do is guess the word count of the Season 3 Rebalance changelist (not counting any introduction bullet points). The closest guess submitted by the deadline will win the figure, and the winner will be revealed live on the Season 3 Rebalance live stream Saturday morning when we are finished revealing the changes!

Rules (Read me):
1.) I will cover shipping the figure in the domestic United States only. If you win from elsewhere, we can discuss in private how to get the figure to you.
2.) You only get one entry, and you cannot edit the post in which you enter. If your post is edited, or you make a 2nd guess, you will be disqualified.
3.) The winner will guess the word count of the Rebalance changelist as closely as possible. You are free to go over on the word count. For example, if the word count were 10, a guess of 5 is tied with a guess of 15.
4.) In the event of an exact tie, a tiebreaker will be held.
5.) Your guess must be posted in this thread by Friday, 1/29/16, at 10pm CST. No guesses after that will count.
6.) The word count we used for this contest does not include any introduction writing or explanations. It only includes the direct descriptions of the changes. The final version of the changelist that we post may have a slightly different word count than the contest number, but this doesn’t change the fun of the contest at all.

So, have at it! Just how big or small is the Season 3 Rebalance changelist? You’ll know for sure Saturday morning at 10AM CST, live on . Be sure to tune in for the full rundown, complete with developer insights and live fan reactions!


Word Count: 10,355,981,794,100

How did I do?

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9000+? No? Ok. I think it will be around 679 words.

I’m guessing 3500 words.


Just yanked this number out of my bum.

Word Count: 565

This is too easy.

You ARE Adam Heart aka TheKeits aka The NERFinator.

Using a phone pad:

N = 6
E = 3
R = 7
F = 3

My answer is 6373



2,181 is my guess

Word Count: 5321.2

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I’ll say… maybe… 6000 words?

My guess is 2979 words

I’m guessing 4350 words.

518 words, won’t be too long of a change list.

That’s easy, its 4 words.
“Everyone Is Getting Nerfed!”

90 words. This sounds like an odd guess, but tweaks probably don’t use many words.

Well with all the nerfs coming I’ll say 1,832



80 is the number that comes to my mind

One thousand seven hundred and seventy two

Scratch my previous count. I choose 1 through 99999999999. Wait it is -1? NOOOOOOOO