Season 3 pricing?

Any info on season 3 pricing, more specifically ultra edition pricing?

I had a similar thread, sadly there is zero info about it.

  • me too
  • there’s an Xbox One and Windows 10 event on Feb. 25th, hope they’ll give the info then

Here is hoping, I just don’t see how they can justify charging 40 bucks for this season.

When is it coming out. My best friend and I have had many awesome, drunken KI nights this year, Can’t wait for more characters!!

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Since next Tuesday is March 1st, I bet we’ll hear something this week.

I do not think that it will cost $40, because there is not an old Killer Instinct 3 game that could come bundled with it. And Killer instinct Gold already comes with Rare Replay, so I guess it could come with the SNES and GameBoy versions of Killer Instinct, so you can have every release on one console. If it did, it could probably be $40. Or maybe it could come with a new mini game or something. We will just have to wait and see.