Season 3 Post Launch Impressions

Since it’s pretty much the end of the day over here I’m gonna post my thoughts on the first day of S3. Tusk plays great and feels like a Thunder 2.0 with all his meaty hits and tons of damage, arbiter can play in a number of different ways and his costumes are top notch. Rash reminds me of classic button mashing (in a good way) and all of his costumes look goofy as expected. Kim wu’s playstyle isn’t really for me but had some cool moves, although her costumes go over her normal outfit which looks kinda weird. Lighting enhancements really makes the old stages shine like brand new. But even with all the new effects and lighting it’s still same old KI3, with Killers quitting to dashboard after losing 3 exhibition matches in a row :slight_smile:

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Killer Instinct Season 3 has arrived, and after spending the day with it, I’ve got some thoughts.

-Tusk is deceptively difficult to use, but he hits like a runaway ice cream truck and can wack you from nearly full screen. Don’t like his accessories much, which is a shame considering how great his base design is.

-Rash is surprisingly fun. Incredibly mobile with some hard hitting shadow enders and awesome accessories.

-The Arbiter is a tricky behemoth of a character with some great tech. He’s got an answer for almost every range, and he’s got some of the best cosmetic options in the game.

-Kim Wu looks quaint at first glance, but she hits almost as hard as Tusk. She’s got great pressure and mobility to make up for her incalculably smug attitude.

-I look forward to when we can toggle the new Ender effects. They still hurt my eyes. Sorry guys, I gave them a try, and I’ll still be playing the game a tom between now and the patch, but I’ll be spending a lot of that time with my eyes closed. :dizzy_face:

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It’s not really season 3 specific but I recently got into KI and in turn got my hands on shadow Jago and he’s just pure awesome to play one of the funnest fighting characters I’ve used.

Also is anybody else experiencing some stages like Kim Wu’s where it’s too dark? My brightness is at the default 0 and it just seems dark on some stages. I’m wondering if anybody else is seeing that?

I like it so far, but did they crank up the difficulty a notch? And is the ammount of spilled blood been reduced on Xbox One?
But i really like the graphic improvements, looks more crisp than ever, good job!

Oh and why do we have to keep Kim Wu’s Original clothing under her accessories? that looks kinda stupid on the corsett thing!

for me season 3 is superb. new lightings in stages are glorious.i was thinking this is the best game ever made. all new characters are great both as presence and also as gameplay. i haven’t dig enough into balance changes yet.

there are some issues in UI. it stacks a little. and guys take a look at glacius accessories. their shadow is too strong in sun stages.

i am really happy and am waiting for more. thanks a lot.

Tusk, as @Fwufikins said, its deceptively hard to use. I think my issue its his commands. I would find more natural not using his qcb+punch, changing it to qcf+punch, and make his forward medium punch command a back medium to avoid command conflicts. Maybe its just a matter of time. Otherwise, he really hits hard. VERY HARD. I like him a lot

Arbiter has amazing range, I havent played much with him, but looks amazing. I expected higher combo damage tho

And the new Aganos… man, I’m reeeeaaaally happy with his changes

Balance sheet:

  • The subtle changes of every characters, exchange in reality largely every characters (positively).

  • Flipout is brilliant. (Tusk does not have it?)

  • good work on the levels.

  • The menus and selections of the characters are perfected. (Less load, it is brilliant).

  • On 4 new characters, just KimWu seems to me strange; others are good.


Well. Nice work IG/MS :wink:

Overall I like S3, the new characters are fun to play with, Rash was the one I least looked forward to playing with but after testing all 4 characters he is one of the best out of the new bunch. I like Tusk a lot his accessories are awesome and he hits so hard. I wasn’t sure if it was my controller at first but after reading the posts here I realise tusk might just be a harder character to use than expected.

Changes to combo assist? It is a lot harder to use now as u have to press left or right on the d-pad before it assists u into a combo and the enders have changed on a number of characters (I don’t think u can do damage enders with direction and HP or HK anymore). I play this game locally with family and friends who are quite new/novice at fighting games, what made them enjoy this the most was the combo assist but yesterday they struggled to get to grips with it as much as they did before (yesterday to be precise before the update).

I hope there is a story mode on top of the shadow lords mode though.

I would have an impression if I could get past the bloody " checking for downloadable content " screen without the game crashing :rage: