Season 3 music. You like it?

Since I started playing KI (exactly the same day the PC port came), I’ve started listening to the tracks.

I personally like Mick Gordon S1 & S2 music way more than the new S3 tracks.

What do you think about it?

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Overall I think Gordon’s work is better but I do enjoy the S3 music too. Rash’s theme is up there with my favorites , but that is mainly because the classic KI theme is in it lol

I wish we could use the training stage music from the old games in real matches, because I would only use "The Instinct " lol


I’m mixed so far ,some I love others “meh.” Looking forward to hearing the rest of S3.

Tusk theme is godlike though, no matter how many times I hear still love it.

Edit I do miss Mick though.


I like some tracks from S3, mainly Arbiter’s and Mira. One thing I don’t like about the S3 tracks, is that I get to hear the KI main theme and the Ultra Combo hit sounds in a couple of them, more like “abusing” that resource.

The reason why I love the S1 and S2 tracks, is cause they’re very creative, and very different between them, like Aganos, Spinal, TJ Combo and Hisako theme.

Love them. All of them actually.


Most of it. Kim’s theme is nice, but there are some parts I feel are not as consistent almost thrown togeather, the beginning doesn’t feel like it fits the rest of the song. I kinda wish most of it was more of KIm’s theme without the extra KI theme thrown in. But it’s still pretty good.

Mira’s theme is one of the most uniqe of the tunes. I think the laughing at the end of the song is pretty weird and kinda silly but again just something you got to get use to.

So far the ones I like the most is Tusk and Arby’s themes. They’re full of epic with a dash of awesome.

I was pretty much concerned that Atlas and Cell would only do techno babble/rock ‘n’ roll. But they pretty much eased my concerns after we got a good listen. I do admit that I still like alot of Mick’s stuff because it’s way more varied, but then again his work extends beyond both seasons and Cell and Atlas only got one.

Hopefully though they do make the music even more varied from here on out also I want to sugest they stop using the KI theme in the middle of the songs and rather just get more creative with the music and maybe mix more of the original themes of said characters.

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I enjoy Arbiter and Mira the most. Kim wu is kind of unconsistent, but is still ok, I like it too.

Tusk theme is kind of OK for me.

Agree, I just don’t like how they abuse the KI theme and the Ultra combo finish

I’m mixed. There are aspects that are good, and other design choices I feel like they missed the mark on for the sake of claiming it’s their style. Kim’s is cool, got no problems with it.

Same with Arby…it sounds like Halo.

Rash…the only real issue, but it’s a big one, is in game you hear like 90% KI theme and only about 10% Battletoads. There was so much Battletoads music to pull from too, especially Battlemaniacs…that game had an awesome soundtrack for a SNES game…but unless I’m missing anything, they have the main theme, the pause beat, and a little of the surfing level from the first game. And if you don’t pay attention, you miss it

Tusk…sigh…I like the theme, but I would have much preferred something more akin to an orchestrated version of the original theme and left the guitar out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I like rock/orchestra together…Advent One Winged Angel is one of my favorite songs ever. But not with Tusk.

Mira…kinda more of the same as Tusk. When CD & AP had a Q&A video on facebook a few weeks ago, I had asked them if they were going to have a theme that wasn’t so guitar heavy…and they said they had one (Mira) that would have no guitars… and they were true to their word. Of course they said nothing about the synthesizer…it feels so out of place in her theme, like an electric horsefly buzzing around while you’re trying to listen to a powerful Russian opera…

Gargos’s theme fits, they nailed it. And I’m guessing the other guy will be Generally fitting for him, so for the last character, we’ll see.

I said this in another thread, but my feeling about Atlas & Celldweller is like if they looked at Mick’s work like dishes of food, and noticed that most of them had an ingredient like salsa, and decided salsa was the ingredient that made KI what it is. So they decided all their dishes needed to have salsa… then they made nachos, and loaded baked potatoes…

…and then they made spaghetti…

Anyway, that’s my opinion. I know not everybody shares it, but it’s how I feel about it.

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admittedly that’s kind of what I think they missed the point on. Sure Mick’s workj had some songs where ya had this heavy boomish kind of sound in some parts, that was never the main ingredient.

I do admit one thing that CD and AP’s music is missing: it’s weight. Granted it all varies from artist to artist but Mic’s music felt like it really hit you when it did. It energized you but it really felt the power.

When I listend to Aganos’ theme one time while at my collage gym, I suddenly felt like I could lift TONS of weight even though it’d likely result injury (which is why I didn’t attempt it, lol).

The song made me feel POWERFUL. and while yes I know alot of people don’t like RIptor’s theme it made me feel like a savage animal, just like her old theme. Maya’s theme made me feel like running in the jungles and battling an enemy through it.

But Atlas and CD’s work did some good to: Arbiter’s theme made me feel like I WAS a Sanghelli Warrior running in with a squad consisted of spartans and elites alike charging into a skirmish or what not.

While that’s really one of the only things about it. I suppose that’s really what makes Mick’s work well, Micks. As for Atlas and CD well, they do have their own styles to. So we can’t really expect a cook to make the same kind of dishes to taste the same. But even then there’s always room to improve.

I’m not gonna lay harsh and unnecessary criticism on these guys though, since no one is perfect. This like when IG switched hands with DH. Simply put the torch is being passed down and the new guys just need to find their way in. But unlike IG which has time to work on two seasons. This is likely the only chance AP and CD can do for KI. So hopefully we’ll have more excitin and varied music to.


Agreed, Weight.

When you hear Spinal, Aganos, Hisako, Thunder or TJ’s theme. Is like you’re hearing a story. Specially with Spinal Theme, is so damn epic and appropiate, it just makes the character feel so much epic and powerful. You hear Hisako theme being chanted by whispering voices (that feel like kids playing) is so damn creepy.

I think Mick treated us with some good masterpieces of video game music.

I really wish the best for Atlas and CD, but I think they need to stop making this weird chimera of sounds that sound like a lot of makeup for something that is not solid enough.

I swear, Arbiter’s theme is my favourite out of all the themes now, followed by Cinder and Orchid.

I think this is worth sharing.

As for my take on the music, I definitely like it. I think they have the right amount of thought going into these themes after watching their “Creating Music for” videos and I can totally see what they were going for after having it all explained. As for the final outcome, I think it’s great but I can’t answer for you guys. Let’s just wait for the other characters to come out I guess.

Here’s another thing btw.


I fell like Mick Gordon’s work was always hit and miss in the new KI. Most themes either knocked it out of the park (Like Aganos or Orchid) or ended up sounding like nothing (Like Riptor or ARIA). With Celldweller and Atlas Pluged, The themes feel consistently good.

Also as a side note, Arbiter now has one of my favorite themes of the entire cast.

Yeah, my favorite samong season 3 is the Arbiter’s theme. Kim Wu’s and Tusk’s not in that order

Even though Mick loves the music that doesn’t really say wheter or not AP and CD are doing great. Since all of this is based around opinion

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Once the Season 3 Soundtrack is released then I will give you my views on it. So far Season 1 and Season 2 rocked the house!

I know. Like I said, I just thought it was worth sharing.

Hit and miss for me but they’re doing a fantastic job.

Love Kim Wu’s, not really big on Mira’s.
Love Arbiter’s, not really big on Rash’s.
Love Tusk’s, I’m sure I’ll just outright adore Gargos’

Kim-wu has the best the rest I don’t pay much attention too

Mick had really good themes but also had riptors