Season 3 marketing/release messed up

My thread is off topic, im not talking about ki. Or s3.


The reason this has ended up in the Off-Topic category is because it is a rant post, and rant posts belong in Off-Topic, not the General Discussion category.

You aren’t promoting discussion or debate, you’re ranting.

I made a question in the end of the first post.
Its not a rant, im trying to understand what happened.

Rant or not, still no off topic.

Any other topics that you throw here?

Another mess.

Now you guys will wait a chance to block the thread, and the cycle continue.

User Complain > mod unfairness > user complain > ban or block.

Nice way to get rid of complain threads

I meant that you had no problems with season one or two, but still didn’t have any desire to come here and talk about those seasons, but now that you have something to complain about, you’ve decided to come here and complain. Awesome. The world needs more negativity.

You’re triple posting, and all you’re doing is complaining. You’re literally complaining about how your complaint thread was received. How are people supposed to react to this?


I don’t know, try asking to the guys of Finebros.

I ask when i want man, its my decision, not yours.

  1. Iron Galaxy are game developers, Microsoft handles the PR and marketing. So IG can’t pass on the word before getting the green light from Microsoft. Maybe they know what we can spend the extra KI gold on, maybe they don’t know it yet, but either way they can’t say anything about it before Microsoft says so. That’s just how marketing works.

  2. I agree that not knowing the full extend of our purchase is just not alright. Especially not when the gold is a pre-order bonus and not part of the package post-launch! Why pre-order to get the gold when we don’t know what we can spend that gold on? We have absolutely no idea if it will be worth it at all. The game might have a risk/reward gameplay system, but they shouldn’t play it like that with people’s money. This isn’t a Kickstarter game.

  3. Yes, masterdericobr… you complain alot in this thread. However, as long it is constructive, the devs can use it to something. Though they might not be controlling the marketing, they can pass the word along, but if you truly wish to get the right people to read your constructive criticism, I’d suggest you go to the official Microsoft Xbox forums.

  4. Triple posting is generally not alright, complaining or not, so it would be better if you henceforth just edit the first post instead of making a row of posts. If you don’t know how, feel free to ask and we’ll help you. ^^
    I’m no mod by any means, but I’d rather inform and help you than just report you for the mods to deal with. <3

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Thank you for your reply!
About the triple combo, i’ll not do that again.

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