Season 3 marketing/release messed up

S3 marketing was a fiasco.

They announced the complete version, with millions of gold. Great. The complete version already have all u need, why those golds?

“stay tuned”

How can u want to sell a product that u dont know what it is? This is ugly and amateur.

Not a single trailer to promove.

And now, supreme edition! Great, people are asking refunds of the complete edition.

Whats goin on IG/MS? Why this mess?

I’ll still buy your product, cose im a huge ki fan, but man… What a stepback in every decision…


What are you rambling about? Did I miss something that was posted?


Probably a reference to this almost last minute announcement of the Supreme Edition…apparently people waiting to play on PC had previously bought 1 and 2 together and then 3 Ultra when it was announced, only to have an edition that comes with all 3 seasons Ultra for cheaper announced 5 days before release.


Probably on the money.
I would like to add that it seems the refund process is pretty smooth. While I will agree that releasing these PC pricing details now instead of when the pre-order was announced was a misstep, its working out.


Microsoft does marketing/bundles not IG. Kinda surprised how many people do not know this.


And im kinda surprised people dont know that they work together.

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Much like forum interaction with the devs is perceived to be, its very possible that MS had a price point that they shared with IG (opens up two forks, whether IG just accepted it or questioned it and tried to create a solution). Its still their final decision, so its fair to consider that IG could have made a case and MS just wanted to make a profit (for fairness, IG could have just accepted the initial price point anyway). “Working together” can be just that, or a euphemism for “do whatever the ■■■■ we tell you, but be PC about it”.

Rarely, IG didn’t even know about the supreme edition until we did (confirmed via twitter).
Also you can call MS for a refund on recent KI purchases.
Also free KI gold for pre-ordering is nothing to complain about. ITS FREE

They do work together on game development, but not in marketing/pr/sales

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No its not free, you have to pay more to have “free” gold.

Nope. MS hires IG to work on the game. MS sets the pricing details and does the marketing. It’s not even necessarily the KI team at MS that is making the marketing decisions. So the thread is completely misdirected - not to mention non-constructive.

So, i’ll change the topic title to MS, i dont care if is ig or ms, i care about the product they deliver.

Btw, this thread is far from be offtopic.
Smart move.
0% democracy here.

And sorry my double post.

It’s not about the game…

Anyway, I would recommend that you adjust the thread title further to reflect that you want to complain about marketing. Otherwise people might think you are just a big 4 Non Blondes fan…

Good advice, done.

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. thats what I read

That is a genuine non-construtive post, not my thread

You guys need to be clear about the rules.
If you guys think that a complain thread will be bad for sales, and throw it on the off topic section, we need to know that here only accept positivity.

Or do not make a forum.

I had no problem with s1 and s2, and i saw a lot of things on s3 that i have to complain. Thats why im now here in that forum.

They’re not moving a complaint thread to off topic because it’ll be bad for sales. In all honesty, this part of the forum is very well frequented, so it’s not like they’re kicking your thread to the shadows so no one will see it.

So you had no problems with season one or two, but didn’t want to come here and talk about them, but now that you have negative stuff to say, you’ve decided to grace us with your presence?

Lucky us?

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No problems, no questions.
My support is buying the game.