Season 3 Killer rank

Some of you might be aware that I achieved the rank of killer at the end of season 2 after this promotional match which was also featured as part of this montage showing some of the matches I’d had to fight in just before the promotion. When I heard about the resets coming to ranked, I realised that I’d have to start down the road to killer once again. Well, I’ve now come to the end of that road for the second time, the first time since S3’s ranked reset just after season 3’s release.

Here’s the promotional set that got me there, that actually ended in a ragequit

For clarification, I won’t be making a road to killer montage for obtaining the rank on this particular occasion.

Some of you might be thinking “what’s next” and if you are? I believe I have an answer for you, even if it’s a temprary one: I’m going to requalify, or at least I intend to. I thought I’d make this announcement official so that people aren’t saying things such as “isn’t he a killer tier player? why isn’t he up in killer?” :smiley:
As for the reasoning behind this? You probably guessed it. I’m going to do this in order to get the rest of the ranked achievements. Once I’ve done that, I might go through the road to Killer once again and leave it there, but that’s a choice I’ll make after getting these ranked achievements and moving closer to gaining my first platinum in a game single-handedly (i.e. without any sighted help withtasks that I could complete on my own).


You are truly amazing!

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Props on you Sightless! =D You are a very good player indeed

I started doing that this season. I reset my rank when I play a new character. Went from bronze to Killer with Kim Wu and Mira.

That’s a good idea. I’ve been wanting to learn Gargos and have been having a pretty bad time figuring him out…I may just reset my rank so I can get back up to Killer with him.

Not me. I just dive right in with new characters and take my knocks in killer.

I almost understand but it makes it even harder to learn a character if you constantly lose

Not really, if you have solid fundamentals you should still be able to keep your average win ratio even with a new character. That’s why top players still win as usual with day one characters.