Season 3 is awesome

Yep. We have a free character on rotation too. Give it a shot!

I agree that MS/IG/DH have done an incredible job on this game! Especially the PC port! It’s friggin amazing! The character re-balance. The WORLD is a better place because of KI! :smiley: It is tho!

Having the same installation problem. I started downloading the patch 8 hours ago and I’m only at 40%… But it’s letting me play the game with a few characters and stages and WOW I am impressed with how awesome the new lighting looks on everything!! Thank you IG for the continued support and building of my favorite game ever.

Probably not. I’m on track to be done within an hour, probably around 40 minutes.

good job, the new lighting looks great,
game plays great,
re-invigorates the game for the good

take a vacation now, IG!!!

A vacation, they still have 4 more characters and 2 other modes to finish. GET BACK TO WORK XD.

FWIW - If you’re not playing yet, you can actually choose ‘install now’ on characters and bundles.

WHAT WHERE HOW?! :frowning: I looked for this option but couldn’t find anything

I am having the time of my life with Kan Ra, Aganos, and Omen!

Just a bit of banter m8 no need to get (insert word related to worked up) about it