Season 3 is awesome

Just want to say a big thank you to team IG for season 3,been playing it since I got home from work and fantastic from the graphics to the new characters and stages.
Well done keep up the Hard work.


I wouldn’t know. sad face.

would also like to add that i played 4 matches today during my lunch break. IG you guys knocked it outta the park! now because of you i sit here in my office hungry like a beast because i couldnt eat anything. thanks for that…but omg i had fun lol


Yes they knocked it out of the park,playing Arbiter and tusk so far and I take can’t put my controller down.
The graphics have been improved and now so much sharper.

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Isn’t the base game free to play?

I wish so much that a fellow Brazilian can tell me how much the Supreme Edition costs in game.

I wouldn’t know, since the patch is so ridiculously bloated I am still installing it.

Didn’t take long for me and my connection isn’t the fastest,took about 1-2 hours.

Lucky you, ive been installing it for 5 hours now, when in comparision ori and the blind forest de, which is about half the side of this update installed in about an hour and a half, so I am not sure what the hold up is.

AMEN!!! this season is starting out amazing, can’t wait for Mira and Gargos!!! Gonna be an epic season :grinning:

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Strange not sure why it’s taking you so long,are you on PC or XBOX?

I am on xbox, which is where I installed ori LAST NIGHT. (When the patch SHOULD have been released) so I am not sure what the deal is, the only thing I can think of is that so many people are trying to download it right now.

I can imagine it’s awesome, but I’m still sitting on 15% after starting downloading it 4 hours ago…

I feel your pain, 21 gb seems excessive for a patch. Its basically the full game, RIP data caps.

Yes could be I’m in the UK to maybe less people downloading it compared to the US.

You would think they would prepare for stuff like this with either preloading or having more server space for today or something, but meh, just kinda sucks I likely wont even get to play it today.

Yes it’s awesome the graphics what amazed me when I started my first match so much sharper. And Arbiter is so much fun and actually easy to pull of his combo’s.

I had to uninstall and re-install it all so it’ll take a long time.

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This still isn’t Ok, you know it’s not OK, so stop.


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I just want the ULTRAAAAAA scream back…
This makes me sad, for real…