Season 3 - Hits and Misses ... write down your own!

You forgot Eyedol


The New characters

Tusk, Arbiter and Rash’s retro costumes

The character select screen is better

The new stages are awesome

I actually like the lvl 4 ender animation

The way the characters walk up to the select screen when chosen

The stage select screen

Selecting music for stages

The lighting on Aganos stage looks good


Kim Wu and Tusks facial animation

Adding more stage ultras to the game (on top of arbiters)

The nerfs and buffs have ruined the game play imo, it was fine as it was in season 2

Glacius looks horrible in the new lighting

Re-lighting the stages hasn’t improved things visually enough to justify the work that has apparently been done

The announcer doesn’t sound as good

Too much purple in the menus and selection screens

No dojo mode for each individual character

No redone story mode to tie up season 1 and 2’s

Not much uses for KI gold


Spot on, some stages look a lot better, but Thunder’s stage suffers because of new lighting.


oh yeah also I think eyedol should be in

oh yeah also a minor thing STILL NO EYEDOL XD

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I think I was too harsh with my comment, but I really like KI and I wouldn’t like to see it turned into another game not in gameplay neither design. I’m getting used to the new “colors and interface” but I think they need work (specially the lighting and some effects). The other interface was just neat, really good.

Please IG, take than into consideration. Thanks

Gameplay is smooth (for the most part).
Updated graphics are simply beautiful.
I like the designs of the new characters.
Salticide is incredibly fun to use.

Character balance feels sort of broken right now. Especially with Kim Wu and Rash. Both are high mobility characters and both can deal a TON of damage with very few hits.
Other characters, like Sadira while more annoying, she feels incredibly weak and I’m having to do a TON more hits just to get minimal damage.
I don’t like that I had to start all over in Ranked, but that’s life.

Dont touch my Froge

Maya’s Stage looks funky. Kim Wu’s end pose makes her look cell shaded on that stage. Thunders stage also doesn’t do good things to the end pose for Kim.

Really like the new lighting on Orchids stage.


I like the new stages.
New UI looks nice.
I actually don’t mind the new shadows now.
Loving all the S3 characters so far. Even Rash.
Music for S3 (Tusk) is my favorite.
Character select screen is nice albeit laggy.
S1 and S2 stand out more.


Some stages are too bright. Fulgore and Maya’s
No Mike Ultra ( but that’s being fixed)
New stage ultra call out ( seriously who green lit that)
No dojo for all characters
Changes to ALL S1 and S2 casts
Lack of back forward characters
Some animations need polish (Tusk and Kim Wu)
Level 4 animation ( thankfully being fixed)
S3 characters being introduced and nerfed later on
No use for KI Gold

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  • new logo and colors are cool.
  • stage select with choosing theme is amazing.
  • level 4 enders (black screen) is pretty cool to me, dont mind it.
  • character select is way better.
  • lighting is a lot better.


  • laggy menus still (really bugs me).
  • no choose a theme in practice mode or survival.
  • only 3 stages :/.
  • no ULTRAAAAA without combo.
  • stage ultra sounds off/weird.
  • no new menus beside character select and “fighters” in the store. Season 2 menus were drastically different than seasons 1’s so i expected the same.
  • the new purple shadows not bad i just wish it had more of an imprint from the character like the other seasons.

Really my buggest problem is lag in the menus, characters select has it but barely here and there but its way better than last season and listening to the music whether just an option mode to listen or in practic/survival.

Dont get me wrong i love this new season and all the changes i guess i feel im being nitpicky and i guess i feel all the things i said that could be fixed would make it a PERFECT game which doesnt really exist but at the same time my opinion. :slight_smile:

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Where was it confirmed that Mike Ultra is being fixed?

1-New shadow move not a fan of the old one just looked better
2-The flip out after every combo breaker just don’t like
3-fulgores hp eye laser being removed y take away his anti-air move just dumb
4- all these juggles why? It takes away from gameplay on the ground
5- The new level 4 ender why can’t we just have the same thing without it teleporting you to a cloud room

Check the game suggestions and troubleshooting topics. The devs were notified and are supposed to patch it in 3.1. Same as the stage ultra lines which have been re-recorded.

I’ve been saying this since season two

If I feel the exact opposite. I find sfv cold, sterile and plain boring. I really want to like it

I watched one of Max’s twitch yesterday Xbox wouldn’t play KI without lagging horribly. So he played SF. I have to say actually watching SF again it reminded me why I never got into it.

Though I will admit I did like watching the characters in the background.

I grew up on sf. I aDore usf4 but this one has something missing. I dunno if capcom is actually trying anymore. Maybe in a few months time it’ll be better.
Yeah Ive noticed ki’s ui to be laggy for some reason. Hopefully it’s just launching bugs and it’ll smooth out in the in few patches.

The launch bugs on KI. Are crazy right now. O_o


  • Tusk theme
  • Lv4 Enders (though a bit of rework might be needed)
  • Character select screen (way faster than S2)
  • “Knockoff !”
  • Tush theme !!
  • New combo breaker mechanic
  • New lightning
  • Tusk theme !!!


  • Still no ultimate
  • Maya’s new ender
  • New shadow visual
  • Maya’s retro hair still looking bad
  • Stage ultra shout
  • Tusk retro face

I can at least see a trend in what people do not enjoy about Season 3. Seems like very fixable stuff.