Season 3 Final Season?

Dose anyone else get the vibe that season 3 will be the last season? I would actually be okay with that. After this season, assuming we get 9 characters like the past 2, we will have 27 characters, and 20 stages. That seams like a good amount of content to me. Then maybe Iron Galaxy could start a new KI game, and let this current version sit for a while. Anyone else agree.


Season 3 can only be the final season if it includes all 4 of the remaining classic characters yet to be included (Gargos, Eyedol, Kim Wu, Tusk) lol

Kim is confirmed, and I believe Tusk and Gargos are as well. We just need Eyedol then they can call it a wrap :slight_smile:

Seriously IG, don’t do Eyedol dirty. He can’t be the only old character you guys leave out :confused:


Unless they plan to use eyedol for the sequel.

Eyedol needs to be here. Think about it, MK9 was supposed to be a love-letter to the fans after years of lack-luster MK games. And they brought back EVERYONE from the first three games, except for the Chameleons. KI hasn’t had a game before this sense N64. It needs to send all of us a love letter and bring back everyone. Eyedol will come back. I have a suspicion that he is going to be the crowdfunded character. They are going to be all like “we don’t really care so prove to us you want him”.


Or he might be put it in with rest of the unannounced characters, I guess all we can do is wait and see.

I can easily understand if Season 3 will be the last season. After Season 3, we’ll have a pretty solid roster and a pretty solid FULL game. However, I’d love it if IG would continue to work on it and add more, of course, but as said, I can understand if they won’t.

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Honestly, the further they go with working on this game, the higher the odds they will do something to s-c-r-e-w it up completely. At some point, your imagination goes far enough that it becomes impossible to add in your new ideas without starting over from the ground up.

Completely unrelated, but why is s-c-r-e-w one of the censored words. It has many other more common uses than the dirty one.

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Yeah I thought of that as well, but I think he should be included one way or another. It just feels a little odd to me if they were to include every single original character expect for one. I would really like to see Eyedol be in this game and them create an all new big bad for KI4 (If we get one)

Eyedol is an OG and will be respected as such * Yeezy voice *

That’s true.

After Season 3, I think IG should stop with this KI and maybe start working on the next KI game, or maybe even a whole new fighting game franchise!

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man i think we leave in a different era.the game doesn’t have to least as long as this gen stands.i think we could easily have 5 seasons.come on man everything comes out as a sequel.don’t see fighting games as it was 20 years ago.a complete fighting game is the one that extends itself to the limits of the current era engine.


It will only be the final season if it doesn’t sell well. If it’s successful then they have no reason to not keep churning out seasons.


I hope that they will continue working on this game past Season 3. Not only is this the BEST fighting game I have ever played (and I’m a huge collector of the genre) but…

-The Killer Instinct World Kup is continuing over the next TWO YEARS!!!

It would be a HUGE shame not to have a big update between those two tournaments.

-Expanding content for PC players would bring them back for more. Continuing content is what keeps gamers in communities like this one.

-As long as we keep supporting the game, why wouldn’t MS? Look at how many updates SF4 and Blazblue have had over the years.

IG has proved that they can make the ultimate fighting game even better with time.


I hope season 3 wraps up this game so there can be a full standalone KI2 with proper budget, cinematic story mode, a longer dev cycle, retail release, next-gen graphics and a new art style.


I like the current art direction but yeah.

I don’t like characters looking drastically different between sequels.

We’re getting guest and the rest of original cast (maybe not Eyedol, but wish his fans luck)

The game is at a good starting point for a reboot, they should save room for the sequel.(whenever it comes)

I think this is the final season. I think we’ll see a new KI in about 2-3 years from now or maybe on the next gen Microsoft system if that will come out then.

If there was a fourth season, I think it’ll just include balance change, more stages and game modes. You know, extras.

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Pretty much this, would rather not have it any other way.

no. i think KI will go on for the entire generation.


Folks were sayin’ the same “the end is nigh” nonsense back when S2 announced, so how about instead of worrying about it (or even hoping for it, in some apparent cases), let’s just enjoy the game for however long it does last.