Season 3 Countdown Poem's

Killer Instinct Season 3.
Just 6 more days from today.
For cheap,the game is free.
For Season 3 I already paid.
Just a wait of 6.
This game is fixed.
Coming is a Rash
Which will turn all to Ash.
Another is Kim Wu
She won’t lose.
Arbiter an alien warrior
He shall conquer.
Ending is dusk.
Soon comes night.
He is Tusk.
He will Fight.
Just 6 more days.
Say hooray.
Poem each countdown day.
Season 3.
People who want it includes me.
People say I spam.
Hype goes bam.
I suck at poems.
Here comes the golems.
Now that the poem ended,basically I am doing an S3 Poem each day until S3 launches. Yes I know my poem sucks.

I’ll have my poem take the form of a haiku.

Hmm… Maybe a limerick or 2

Rash is a neat Battletoad, who’s far from his retro aboad. With a smile shining bright, he’ll knock out your light, and take his speeder bike on the road.

There once was a girl called Kim Wu, who looked about 22. With her purple waist coat and the nunchucks she boasts, it’s clear she’s not lacking in 'tude.

Arby’s a big guy from space, who hails from an alien race. They’ve got energy swords, and look like dinosaurs with fingers growing out of their face.

Tusk has been long around, and he looks about 300 pounds. He’s the size of a fridge, and speaks no language except DAH and (Exertion Sounds).


Wait, I’ve got another one.
If there’s other characters you seek, I’m sorry we don’t speak of leaks. If you make but a sound, the mods put their foots down. But you didn’t hear it from me.


The time will soon come
That Rainbow Rash will arrive
I will unload the toad


None will survive.
Its gotta rhyme.

We all know we got the number #1 toad
If you see him on his bike, better get out of the road
Big boot, Wrecking ball and all his Smash Hits
Rash has been crashing the party since the 8-bit

Kim who, Kim Wu, Kim comin’ for you
She’s got the nunchucks and mastery of the dragon kung fu.
Excuse me, may I have this Dragon Dance?
Cuz’ whatever this “Gargos” thing is has no chance

Arbiter is the one who fights for Sanghelios
This guy is almost as big as Aganos
So many setups with his Cleansing Flame
Just a few resets and that’s the game

This man’s giant sword will fill you with fear
When you hear the shout “DAH” it means Tusk will appear
He’s got one thousand years of training
Deflecting everything
Knock you off your feet and on the ground with one swing


We’ve entered a frightening new era with a vampire girl named Mira. She’ll snap you in half, and then have a laugh, as she drinks down your blood like tequila.


A day to rise
to make new foes demise.
So break out your snacks and your favorite refreshment.
The sinning gamers shall beg for repentment.

From battling out to Jago’s theme
To finIsihg it off with Arby as King

Tell me are you listening
to the season3 Killer Instinct?

Anyways that’s enough, yes I know my poem sucks.

So I can to all to you.
Tootaloo…see you soon.

There’s villainous character planned, and he’s far from an ordinary man. I’d tell you his name, but I don’t want to flame, and if I did I’d surely be banned. :^)

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Damn! Beat me to the Dah-ku.

Although, that really reminded me of the Orange Lantern oath.

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Countdown is at 5.
We need to survive.
My path will not end here.
Been waiting nearly a year.
One goes with the law.
Can you find his flaw?
Flushing down a company.
How many degrees?
Welcome to my web.
Kill all celebs.
Beep beep.
Cry me a weep weep.
I am a real boy.
I also have a limited toy.
Think you can beat the champ?
You must jump the ramp.
You are not worthy prey,
Much to my dismay.
You will lo longer need this
How about you take my fist.
I am a herald.
You are in imperil.
She will devour you.
Why so blue?
This is too much fun.
You can’t beat me with a gun.
Evolve or die.
I can fly.


Please add some frame data to your poem, because us unworthy casuals are scaring the pro players away from this site with our casual talk.


That will come tommorrow:P

You dirty old mage,
No, I won’t tell you my age!
If I will, will you forge me my own stage?

By the way, if I may
dwell on how your spell
shall protect me from the light of day

It is a must
that you do not touch
my sister if I deliver you Tusk

Now it is time
to hide where nothing shines
and reappear beyond the twenty nine