Season 3 community content!

I would like this make this the official post for future community content. IG said fundraisers will be used to give us more content that doesn’t make it into season 3, and I’d like this post to be where we can come together as a community to get everything we want and deserve.
To start things off this is what I feel we as a community deserve if it does not make it into season 3.

  1. Several Ki 1&2 retro maps remade for the game.
  2. Everyone having an ultra
  3. Everyone who was in Ki 1&2 gets there second costume as an second retro so everyone will have their ki 1 and ki 2 retro. Only applies to characters in 1 and 2 with different costumes like orchid.
  4. Eyedoll as the season 3 bonus free character
  5. One new accessory pack for each character that isn’t simply a color swap of a current accessory for classic and retro costumes.
  6. Accessories and a retro costume for omen and shadow jago.
    A). retro shago could be a all black shadow of jago.

Feel free to add onto anything I have put down here or elaborate in more detail on the items I posted like specific retro maps!


Doesn’t everyone have an ultra already. Unless you mean everyone having a stage ultra or alternate ultra that is.

Ment ultimate sorry!

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