Season 3 Character theme

IG probably has a few Ideas in place already, but I wanted to suggest a few things regarding the characters and how their themes should interact.

Kim Wu’s stage is revealed and so is Arbiter’s. That leaves Tusk’s (most probable) or a Neutral stage if Tusk comes through time.

Kim Wu (Confirmed)
Arbiter (Confirmed)
Rash (Confirmed)
Tusk ( Confirmed)
Vampire (I freaking hope!)
Police from old KI (Filler for unknown character)
Criminal from Glacius’ home (Filler for unknown character)
Dark Queen (Filler for unknown character)

That’s 8 Characters right there.

Two ways Characters without Stages can work

  1. Overriding stage themes
  2. Sharing stage and changing theme

If we get a Vampire, his music could play on Sabre Wulf’s stage. He could be Sabre Wulf’s brother or Ancestor. They share a Stage but Vamp’s music only plays when he’s present on the map.
(his story could be someone locked him in the coffin for a very long time at the bottom of the Sabre Castle…idk. We can say he’s a Vamp cause it was more effective to hunt Ware Wolfs that way. Maybe they banished him cause he became a monster like the Ware Wolves. Could also give us an idea of what Sabre Wulf looked like w/o actually making Sabre Wulf show his human form.

Rash’s theme could override the stage music with his appearance (he brings the music with him through the portal) and by the 2nd round, it goes back to the original Stage owner in some dynamic way. Everyone’s ultra follows the normal stage theme and Rash does his with the pause menu Tune on All stages.

Some characters could share stages if they’re connected in some way. Eagle could share thunder’s stage for instance. So anyway, 3 characters have stages and two could work without/share. Three could work without if Eagle is a guest and shares stage with Thunder or something along those lines.

I feel like the Vampire is going to happen, and I agree with you that they should probably find the new character’s a home as well as a rival. The vampire character would fit perfectly with Sabrewulf and it goes back to movies and books battles with vampires and werewolves like the movie franchise Underworld and yes Twilight :smile:

I don’t have a problem with choice. There’s a lot of people that wanted the option of changing themes with different character’s stages. I do think it would be jarring if they have randomized themes when going through survival or story mode which I don’t think they will do.

My prediction is that the new characters will have a “home” stage. As I’ve said, the possible vampire character may have connections with Sabrewulf so his home stage will be Sabrewulf. If you’re fighting against him in story mode or survival the music from Sabrewulf’s theme will change to vampire. Gargos could be done in similar fashion, He could either have omen/shadow jago’s stage or Fulgore’s. Omen’s theme already samples Gargos theme in the old KI so it would make sense if that was his stage too.

Another possibility is they will make a neutral stage or use one of the stages that’s already there that they will use to play other character themes.

Some people have suggested that they could just relight existing stages. They’ve been relighting stages as it is why not for the new characters? It would be beautiful to see a sunset or dawn in Thunder’s stage, see darkness befall Maya’s jungle, or see a nightlight of neon lights for Kim Wu’s. Although, technically that would be a new stage since we count Omen’s stage as one stage too :pensive:

The Community Manager made it Crystal Clear;

  1. There were going to be ONLY three stages. No ifs, No butts, No maybe.

  2. Characters will have their own theme regardless of if they have a stage or not.

There’s no room for discussion regarding this…This thread is about how those themes will work without stages.

I think they will indeed share a stage. Like say when you pick a stage that have more than one theme attached to it then you pick which song you want to play in that stage in the stage select screen. Or give the ability to mix and match themesIF YOU WANT TO and in vs mode the song you hear might not be the song the other player is listening to.

No more aliens. We already have Arbiter and Glacius and too a lesser extent Cinder to fill that role.

Mira or even Hisako’s ghost dad will probably be the next character because of the family thing.