Season 3 Bonuses?

Haven’t seen any threads about this, in the previous 2 seasons the Ultra edition included KI1 and KI2, obviously with S3 there isn’t an old Killer Instinct game they can use, but with only 3 additional stages (instead of the 8+ we get per season) it’s hard to imagine what bonuses they could include to justify an ultra edition. Will there be a free game relating to the guest characters?

Rumor has it will be cheaper than previous seasons to make up for the lack of a classic game.

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That makes sense

They have said there is ultra edition. I’m eager to see what it has

Stages do not come with the season 3 ultra edition all players get them regardless of purchase, was like that in season 1 & 2 stages

The price has already been announced. It’s $39.99 - the same as the S1 and S2 Ultra editions

Its a shame that rumour turned out to be false :frowning: so far I can’t really see the value of getting the ultra edition

It’s subjective. It gives bonus colors, permanent double Xp bonus and 18K gold which S1 and S2 didn’t have (gold wasn’t even a thing back in S1).

So depends on how much you value double XP and things you can (only?) buy with KI gold.

Permanent double XP is going to be nice, to me.

Oh it’s permanent? I had no idea, I thought it was something like a SMITE booster that wears off after so many uses? Sir you have raised my eyebrow

Same here. Going for the combo breaker for the first time of the 3 seaz.

Yeah, I’m going to finally be able to get some color 9s.