Season 3 bonus character

I feel that instead of a shadow character eagle should be the bonus 9th character. It would work better that way because I feel his retro wouldn’t be much different than thunders. So then eyedoll can be number 8 and eagle as number 9.


this would be the perfect scenario in my opinion. Lets hope it all works this way!

I don’t mean to a wet blanket, but isn’t it in rather poor taste to suggest there will or should be a bonus character at all?

That said, I wouldn’t be opposed to anything that ISN’T a shadow clone. Eagle could be dope.

Though, I’m personally hoping they manage the approval for a fourth season, in which case I really hope we DON’T see Eyedol just yet… but then I’m drawing speculative blanks as to what comes next…

if there was a season four though I think it would actually be awesome if eagle was the 8th character and his connection to the spirits allowed him to open his own portal to another dimension and let eyedoll free.

That’s actually a neat concept… but wouldn’t Eagle appear in the form of a self-aware Fulgore unit? That could be really cool as far as “clone” characters go.

Here’s why I would like if eyedol isn’t in season 3. Eagle half man half machine is free thanks to glacious and he sees the world is hurting from the invasion of gargos. Little do eagle and thunder know but the spirit that talks to them is eyedol. Just like jago and gargos eyedol has a connection to the human world. The difference is gargos wants to control and destroy the world eyedol who was once man wants to take care of the planet and have a world to look over and watch grow. Eagle using his spirit and new tech makes a portal to bring eyedol and his minions like mullska with him.

Eagle would be an awesome bonus character, but I’d only want him as the 9th if we’re not getting season 4. If we do end up with a 4th season, then I’d want both him and Eyedol to be part of that instead. Gotta have some familiarity next season, right?

I don’t see why so many people are so opposed to another Shadow character. Would I prefer a brand new character? Sure. But if the last two bonus characters are anything to go on, a 9th character will either have a lot of reused animations (Omen) or be a shadow version of another existing character (Shago). Of those two, I’d much rather have Shago, at least in terms of an aesthetic and gameplay perspective.

Of course, they could break with that trend in season 3, but I think it might be expecting a bit much to assume they would. If they don’t, then I’m more than fine with Shorchid so long as she has a story and what not.

But I’ll certainly agree that the ideal scenario is Eyedol being #8 and Eagle being #9 and both of them play major roles in the story.

I thought they already said that there would not be a bonus character. I would like to see Eagle as the last character and at this point I think he is FAR more likely to get in the Eyedol.

If we do get eagle it makes sense to make him a fulgore with a mix of fulgore and thunders move set even give him a flaming eagle projectile as a reference to thunders cut Phoenix. He is the basis for fulgore a after all

That sounds like an awsome story. Very plausible. Bit who is mullska?