Season 3 Announcer

Few ideas for the new announcer. I like the things he says after the ultra is done, wrecked, devastated, all that. How bout if you got rid of that appalling STAGE ULTRA part and just have the second part announce when the stage ultra occurs? To me that would sound a whole lot better. Hit by the ball WRECKED!!! No STAGE ULTRA WRECKED it’s just… very odd. Or have it say something like Awesome, Brutal, some of the different combo names. Stage Ultra is just cheesy and lame, there is no other way to put it. It doesn’t add to the hype, just makes me want to turn off the announcer.

On a side note, I know it’s been noted that a lot of the announcer vocals are missing. Like double ultra vocal is gone, things like that. So there’s that too. Since my data was wiped I don’t have all the announcers anymore to experiment but, definitely needs a few tweaks and I’m sure they will be coming but, please, where it sits, don’t make me turn off the announcer.

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In just mad they “dont have” the UUUULTRAAAAAA sound effect in there. I agree with everything else you said to.


Yeah I just wish the stage ultra announcement did away with the stage bit and went with the hype UUUULTRAAAAAA and then the wrecked etc. as the OP says.

It should be more hype than a regular ultra announcement not less imo. I do love the unique end bits for each one though.

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I was really hoping a hot fix patch would be out soon to fix up. Probably won’t happen until Mira.

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There is anew patch going out today with bug fixes, not sure if that is one. I doubt it though as there were bigger gameplay bugs to be fixed.

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Really? Oh man I missed that. I better check the news section. Hopefully it is.

It’s on twitter, it says for Glacius bug and Kan Ra bug, nothing else was mentioned on twitter. Could be more though.


Oh okay thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

Personally, I hate the whole “knockoff” type shenanigans. I liked it better when it just said “stage ultra!”

You’re the first person I saw who said they liked that xD

The new stage ultra quotes is part of why I changed my announcer to Aria. I feel like she says things better than the other announcers.

Wow, I didn’t know that was possible. When was this feature added?

When ARIA came out?

I just changed mine to Aria too. Still think they should get rid of “Stage Ultra” period. Just use, “Banished” “Wrecked” would be better overall.