Season 2 Ultra Edition removed

I am annoyed at the removal of the Season 2 Ultra Edition bundle. That was the only DLC I did not have before Season 3 started. I already have Season 1, Season 3, and Shadow Jago. Will the Season 2 bundle come back, or is the Superior Edition the only option?

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Just saw this, that is rather dumb

I Know right? It seems like a very short-sighted decision.

Your cheapest option would be to buy the combo bundle of seasons 1 and 2, and then you could use the ki gold to get the retros, its not ideal, but its the cheapest thing to do.

I think I’ll wait for the moment and see what happens.

I would tag one of the devs and try and ask them?

If you could, that would be wonderful.

@rukizzel Not sure if you are a dev or not, but any insight into this for this guy?

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they also removed season 1 from purchase, I already own season 2 ultra edition

Yeah, they removed everything except the new stuff thats up and the indivdual characters.