Season 2 character stories updating too?

After season 1 characters’ stories, are season 2 next or are they left just fine?

Cause Riptor’s story said something about a “Dr. Erin Gupte” involved in creating the “Stalkers”.

And Kan-Ra’s story of how he betrayed the king still left unfinished.

Same with Cinder’s.

But wonder about TJ, Cinder & Riptor, did they compete in the KI tournament?

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Kan-Ra mind controlled the king’s wife to kill him, but he screwed up the mind control spell and she snapped out of it, causing her to leave a suicide note to her husband explaini thing everything that happened.

Kan-Ra then got hit with the curse that makes him…well, Kan-Ra.

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Well we just have to wait and see about that for the time being and if/when they come around too :wink:

Yeah but what about how he ended up slowing the curse and killed the king right after? I mean he did look for arcane spells: control elements, gateways to other worlds/realms & immortality?

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