Season 1 Retail Disk to PC

I own the S1 disk for Xbox and I want to transfer over to PC and I currently do not have the S1 characters on PC. Will there be a way to add these to the PC version? The S1 disk came with a key to unlock TJ combo. Would it be possible to somehow tie the S1 chars to that and have it only accessible on PC?

Totally forgot they even released that, the issue is you could simple sell that disc and they would never know hence you technically don’t own the right to then characters. The only way I could see them doing it is maybe having the game running on your xbox while playing on pc for verification, but that’s a bit stupid

Yea I could just put it on eBay or something. That’s why I mentioned somehow linking it with the TJ combo code that came with a disc. That was a actual online code I had to redeem on the Xbox store.

Well if nothing else, you should have access to TJ combo.

I do. I also bought S2