Season 1 + 2 clean up?

So since Microsoft and Iron galaxy are working on killer instinct season 3 for march 2016, I was thinking if season 1 + 2 should get a nice clean up in some areas which need it

If season 3 is taking up a lot of time for the devs I fully respect and understand that and wouldn’t stop them from doing what they are currently doing for this but since we got till march 2016 for season 3 to be released (which is a pretty lengthy wait) I was thinking if there would be a clean up post season 3 on some things in season 1 and 2 which needed a small touch up (well less season 1 than 2 for me)

what I had in mind was:
Hair of some characters (i.e. Sadria and Orchid)
Animations of characters (i.e. T.J Combo, Maya and Kan-Ra)
Omen touch up
Stage Ultra touch ups
(If i missed anything just post below)

Hopefully these are not too big of things to do since I think IG are capable but if they cant due to schedule then I fully understand and respect that. even if its just some things listed then that’s still good as well

just a thought :grinning:


This will be nice! :smiley: 1+

Not sure if this would be counted as a clean up but would like more win quotes and introductions done for characters

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Imagine how Awesome will be if someday KI Intro looks like MKX Intro ^^

Only real thing I’m waiting for is stage ultras in season 1 stages, and the stage ultra announcements (like “knockoff” and stuff).


One thing I would like to see is a reduction on particle effects attached to projectiles for some of the Season 1 cast. Obviously Jago being the worst offender but Glacius, Spinal, and Orchid (in instinct) can really decrease visibility too at times. I know they changed Jago’s fireball darkening the screen for this reason so it seems a reasonable request to reduce particle effects for the same reason. Now that Jago has double fireballs in instinct it gets very difficult to see at times. If it’s a mirror match, good luck seeing anything.

I would defiantly like some touch up work done on season one and two content, mostly adding more stage ultras to season two stages, and adding some to season one stages, as well as touching up the ones we have. I also would like T.J to get a running animation for powerline, and a few animation touch ups here and there for the cast. Fixing Orchids hair would be nice along with some Omen touch ups but they are low on my list, but I support the idea because others like, and play them.


They also need to fix the falling animations in ARIA Stage :confused:


As long as it doesn’t take away from S3 development, I would be all for it! I doubt that KI will be using the power of the cloud like we saw in the absolutely amazing Crackdown videos, but what I wonder if that is something that IG can implement in s3. That is just a wish though, I seriously doubt it will happen…however wouldn’t it be awesome if IG/MS started playing with the tech during S3 development and then maybe released a Definitive Edition of S1-S3 with cloud processing technology included.

KI is long overdue for something like this:
Look at the bugfix changelog!

Really? You’d want to see a reduction in the particle effects? That’s probably one of the best graphical elements in KI’s favor at this point. I personally love the particle effects and I’ve never found them to be distracting in the least. To each his own though. I personally love the particle effects in this game.

I agree with a lot of what OP said:

-Fix animations on TJ, Maya and Kan Ra
-Fix hair on Orchid and Sadira. I’d also say fix Orchid’s face as well.
-Omen… Yeah, he could use a lot of touching up.
-Stage Ultra touch ups (especially Arias)

I’d also add:
-Touch up Sabrewulf, Orchid, and Fulgore classic outfits
-If they’re keeping the current Vs screen, then fix the characters eyes so there’s no more blinking issue.
-Replace old combo fonts so that they match the Supreme/Awesome victory fonts (if the UI’s not getting a substantial overhaul, which I’d personally like to see).

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Also need to Fix the VS Screen Character Poses (TJ Combo is close to the screen and ARIA is far from the screen in VS Screen)
And Fix Sabrewulf Fur (He have the same problem that Sadira have with the hair)

I totally agree with this. The particles are one of my absolute favorite visual components of KI. Wouldn’t want to see any reduction at all.

Oh man, how did I almost forget about this? This bugs me every single time lol the s2 characters are all over the place. I’d love some consistency.