Searching for ranked matches While in Trainingmode

I realy enjoyed that options in fighting games like usf4 or doa where you can train your combos, footsies etc. while you are waiting for a ranked match and after the match you are back in the training room instead of looking at a searching screen.
What you guys think of an option like that?


It would be really nice.

Also, in the current system, the option “Continue” after finishing a match should automatically start searching a new rival


Makes sense to me. I can think of no negatives.

Yes please! I was just mentioning this to my wife last night.

Yes this has to be done.

The only downside is not being able to listen to the KI theme while searching.

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Sounds like a sexy idea to me

While it is a pretty cool feature, I actually hated it in SF4 - it always seemed to come up at the worst time, which would then cause me to forget what I was trying to do in the 1st place.

Pimpin’ aint easy mayne

Its optional in usf4, it can be the same in KI so people who dont want it can turn it off.

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but you can hear the original themes in training mode, its not the ki theme but great aswel :wink:

Wanted this feature since KI launched. Would be the best if online matchmaking was done through the meld so you can play in any mode while you wait but I’m assuming it would take a lot to rework the code for that.