I saw I did a combo with shadow recapture and the combo was level 1 and then level 2 and then went back to level 1. Can anyone explain this scaling thing to me? thanks (24 hits in total like 35% one shadow used for recapture).

Hmmm, I’d have to see video to really know what happened. Can you recount the entirety of the combo? Was it like, a Lv2 Launcher Ender>Recap (Lv1), because any cashout resets the Ender Level. Otherwise, I dunno, sounds weird.

Like I said, it’s hard to say w/o seeing the footage. Soz I couldn’t be more helpful.

We would probably have to see a video of this happening.

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Ender level is only based in PD to my understanding, so can’t really see an ender-less combo ever having ender level drop as you’re doing it. If you did eclipse into juggle into recap then yeah, but otherwise no idea. A video would definitely help.

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You probably used juggle ender into recapture. In that case, you cashed out your damage at the ender juggle, so anything from there onward will reset combo level as the potential damage will begin anew.


^ This! Or that I’m guessing

Went back to the replays expecting the fight was still available. Lucky me we didn’t desync despite some little rollback. You can check the video for the combo in the minute: 1:39 (when I pop instinct)

For the record I lost 10-1 :neutral_face::confounded::sweat::cry::persevere::slight_smile::grin:
But I enjoyed the matches pretty much :blush:

Anyway, can anyone explain scaling to me? I think that going for juggles with Wulf is really a waste of damage. And I can also note the scaling after wall splat. I prefer to save the shadows then.

Shadow recap, IMO, is only worth it to extend your combo and then confirm a lockout and go for ultra.

Otherwise you’re always better off going with juggle into flip out or hard knockdown, or simply cashing out with shadow eclipse, if you have enough PD built up.

Yeah, you cashed out the combo, which reset your ender level. As I stated before, ender level is a function of PD, so when you remove your opponent’s PD you reduce the ender level of any additional follow-up.

Scaling is essentially just the idea that long combo strings do less damage the further you get into them. In KI, there is also the added significance of the first hit of a move doing 200% damage, which is why heavy->opener does such beefy damage up front compared to something like cr.LK->cr.LK->opener. The amount of damage and PD a heavy button does is significantly higher than that of a light, and KI additionally ensures the combo scales by making those kinds of confirms fill up the KV bar super fast (meaning you have to end the combo early, ensuring low damage). The game also typically heavily scales (reduces) the damage from guaranteed follow-ups, such as wall splat->command grab. If the opponent literally can’t get away from something, then the devs don’t want it doing a ton of damage.

That’s kind of a quick and dirty overview of scaling as it applies in this game - hope it helps :thumbsup: